(Paper) Infosys Placement Paper Pattern : 02-Sep-2011

Infosys Company



  1. Written Test

  2. Non-Technical Interview (interviewer is a HR )

Written test consist of two sections(70 Questions and 75 min),

  •  Analytical & Logical Reasoning.(30Questions and 40 min).

  •  Verbal Ability (40Questions and 35 min)

Time Management is more essential and be cautious while attending the problems........


Analytical & Logical Reasoning.(30q and 40 min).

  • 1) Figure completion (5M)-Practice from R.S.Agarwal(RSA) Non-verbal reasoning book enough

  • 2) Puzzle-I (5M)- RSA verbal resoning book.

  • 3) Data sufficiency (5M) - CAT material

  • 4) Data Interpretation (5M) - RSA quantitative Aptitude

  • 5) Puzzle-II (5M)- RSA verbal resoning book.

  • 6) Ordering three sentences sequentially according to the context. (5M)- CAT material.


Verbal Ability (40q and 35 min)

  • 1) Correcting the sentences (8M)-RSA Objective English BOOK enough.

  • 2) Sentence completion (8M)- RSA Objective English BOOK enough.

  • 3) Fill ups related to articles,tenses,idioms and phrases.(6M)- RSA Objective English BOOK enough.

  • 4)Theme Detection- (8M)- RSA verbal resoning book.

  • 5) Long paragraph- 2no's(10M)- RSA Objective English BOOK enough.(Time consuming part)

I'm the first to get selected in the Written test and went for attending Non-Technical Interview.

Interview was so cool and the atmosphere doesn't look that we are there in our race to get in INFOSYS........HR's are really superb persons........they are the one who really reduce the tension.......Hat's off to the HR who attended me..........He's is 60-70 aged person.......... Asked questions abt wat u had for ur lunch? and  questions on wat you type in the Curriculam Vitae..............So cool the interview took place...........
By 12.00am in the Mid night....... they announced the Results!!!!!!!
I'm the first to get selected in INFOSYS........VERY Happy that Out of 390 in our college......
166 cleared Written test and at last after interview 144 were shortlisted........
So, do follow what I have said above........

Company Name: Infosys
No of Rounds:
Aptitude Test
Location : Chennai
Exam/Interview Date: 02-Sep-2011