(Paper) Infosys Latest Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 26 September 2011



Company Name: Infosys

Type: Fresher

Infosys has Two Rounds.

  • Written Test
  • Non-Technical Interview (interviewer is a HR )

Written Test Consist of two sections (70 Questions and 75 min),

  • Aptitude test (30Questions and 40 min).
  • Verbal Ability (40Questions and 35 min)

Aptitude was very-very easy. R.S. Agarwal (Verbal & Non-Verbal) is more than enough.

  • Figure Series(5Q)- a bit confusing.
  • Puzzle(5Q)- very easy.
  • Data sufficiency(5Q)
  • Data interpretation(5Q)
  • Puzzle again(5Q) very easy
  • Syllgolisms(5Q)

Verbal ability was very difficult. Many students were unable to qualify just because of English.

  • Sentence correction.(8Q)
  • Sentence Completion.(8Q)
  • Fill in the blanks(8Q)
  • Six Small Passages(1Q each)
  • Two large Passages(5Q each)

Large Passages were easy.....rest was very difficult.

Result was announced after a few hours which were full of anxiety......217 out of 803 qualified the written.....I was one of them.

The next day was the H.R. Round.

I was asked questions like tell me about yourself, summer training, school, hobbies, etc. Many students were asked Technical Question also.But even if the interview was OK. The students were selected. At 8:30 p.m. the results were announced & 203 students got placed in Infy . I was one of them.It was the happiest day of my life.

Wish You very good Luck!

See You at Infosys.

Exam/Interview: 26 Sept., 2011
No. of Rounds: Aptitude Test
Contributor Name: Aradhna