(Paper) Infosys Latest Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 21 September 2011



Company Name: INFOSYS

Type: Fresher

Infosys Interview has Two Rounds

  • Written Exam
  • HR Interview

In the Written Exam There were Two Sections

Analytical Section

It has 30 Questions to be Completed in 40 Mints.

  • 5 Questions From Find Next Figure (very easy scoring sec)
  • 2 puzzles (Refer R.S Agarwal the puzzle I got was very easy)
  • 5 Questions From Data sufficiency (scoring sec)
  • 5 Question From Data Interpretation (some what difficult when compared to other Question in this sec)
  • 5 Question From Syllogism (Refer R.S Agarwal)
  • Then Second cutoff for this section is 18 out of 30 Question so be clever in answering this section.
  • Refer Verbal and Non Verbal by R.S Agarwal for this sec ...
  • Time Management is very important .

Verbal Section

It has 40 Questions to be completed in 30 Mints.

  • Two very lengthy passage and 5 Question From each passage
  • 15 Question From Sentence Correction (Concentrate on tenses, prepositions, conjunctions)
  • 10 Question From Sentence Completion (Its like fillers)
  • 5 Question From deriving conclusion from small paragraph
  • Sectional cut off for this section is 20 out off 40 Question.
  • Refer Objective English by R.S Agarwal for this section
  • Time Management is very important for this section do passage at the last.

HR Interview

Then Next HR Round where they didn't ask anything related to technical side. My HR was a lady She Just Ask Question From my Resume She asked My role in mini project .Then Participation in clg events like Symposium, cultural and sports. Be confident and answer positively don't want to worry about anything. Then result was announced by the Grace of the Almighty I got Selected .

All the Best do well .Meet You Guys in Mysoure.

Exam/Interview: 21 Sept., 2011
No. of Rounds: Client/Manager Interview
Location: Chennai
Contributor Name: Jeyanth