(Paper) Latest Infosys Fresher Job Paper Pattern: 22th August, 2011


Job Interview, Questions Paper

Logical Ability Test: 30 Questions , 40 Minutes.

  • 5 Questions Figure Based

  • 5 Questions Data Sufficiency

  • 5 Questions Data Interpretation:

  • Dual Bar Graph Was Given For Imports And Production For Different Years( Rs In Thousand Crores Vs. Year)

  • Questions Were Simple Like Ratio Of Imports To Production Fr A Particular Year, Percentage Increase In Exports From 98 To 2000, Average Production In 5 Years!

  • 5 Questions On Rows Like

  • Ram Is 12th From Left And 13th From Right In A Queue Of Boys. What Are The Total No. Of Boys Standing In The Queue?

  • And Rest Were Similar Questions, As Simple As This One!

  • 5 Questions On Syllogism

  • 5 Questions On Puzzle.

  • A Passage Was Given, We Have To Understand That Passage And Answer The Questions Based On It.

  • Examples Given In Sample Paper.

Verbal Ability Test: 40 Questions, 30 Minutes

(Speed Should Be Good)

  • 10 Questions On Passage, 2 Passages, 5 Questions On Each Passage.

  • Questions Like What Does The Author Want To Convey?, What Does This Phrase "Xyz" Stands For In The Passage?, The Suitable Title For The Passage?

  • 8 Questions On Sentence Correction. A Small Sentence Is Given With Grammatical, Punctuation Errors, We Have To Chose Correct Alternative From Given Options.

  • 8 Questions, Where A Paragraph Is Given With An Underlined Sentence, We Have To Chose Correct Alternative For That Sentence. It May Have Grammatical Errors, Or It Might Framed Incorrectly Acc. To The Passage.

  • 7 Questions On Fill In The Blanks. A Long Sentence Is Given, We Have To Fill In Correct Option In The Blank. Sometimes The Options Are Idioms Also.

  • 7 Questions On Summary. A Small Para Is Given. And You May Be Asked What Can Be Inferred From The Passage?, What Assumptions Does Author Make?What Conclusions Can Be Drawn??

In All Paper Is Very Simple, And Just Needs A Bit Of Speed To Solve. Once It Is Cleared, 95% You Will Make It To Infosys !

Interview Is Again Simple, They Ask General, Just Be Truthful To Your Resume!

Company: Infosys
Location : Delhi
Type : Fresher
Exam/Interview Date : 22-Aug- 2011
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Client/Manager Interview
Contributor Name : Apoorv