(Paper) Infosys Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern : 17-Aug-2011



Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern

They had only 2 rounds:

1. Aptitude Test

2. Non-Technical Interview

1. Aptitude Test It Consisted of 2 Parts:

a) Logical Reasoning (30 Question ,, 30 Minutes)

b) Verbal Ability(40 Question ,35 Minutes)

The LR part covered the following topics:

  • Pictures(5 odd pic out Question ,)

  • Syllogisms(5 Question ,)

  • DI(5 Question)- Table Based

  • Puzzle(5 Question ,)

  • Coding-Decoding(5 Question ,)

  • DS(5 Question ,)

The Va part covered the following topics:

  • Comprehension(10 Question)

  • Theme Detection(5 Question)

  • Sentence error Detection/ Choose the Correct Sentence(15 Question)

  • Fill in the blanks(10 Question)- Mainly prepositions and Tenses

I must admit all Question were relatively easy. R.S. Agarwal is more than enough for preparation. Time Management is also not a major issue. But problem was it  had sectional cut-offs which were quite high. Tho they officially didnt mention it, we believe 15 was the sectional cut-off. 312 sat for the exam and 226 cleared the apti!

2. Non Technical Interview

(N.B There is a reason I'm writing non-technical interview and not HR interview! Because Infosys said HR is not a type of interview but a type of post and people making this mistake in the interview was eliminated)

The HR Managers were very friendly and helping. they did their best to remove our tension and make us feel relaxed. The only parameter on which they were judging was communication skills.

Question ranged from Tell us about yourself, your family, your goals, what is needed to be successful in the IT industry, why do you feel you can be successful, what are the areas you need to improve to be more successful and finally are you ok with Relocation or not!

Guys let me tel you they are not interested in your ans at all but merely checking how fluently and confidently your speaking!

Moreover reaching the interview round means 99% job guaranty! Out of 226 people, 219 got selected and I'm one of them! Hoping to see you all in Mysore

Company Name: Infosys
No of Rounds:
Aptitude Test, Client/Manager Interview
Exam/Interview Date: 17-Aug-2011
Location : Kolkata