(Paper) Infosys Fresher Job Interview Pattern : 24-Mar-2011



Job Interview Pattern : 24-Mar-2011


  • U will have 80 Question  and 75 min,

  • 2 parts,1 is analytical and the other is verbal reasoning:


To pass through Analytical, be perfect with the "series problems" that are given in the R.S. Agarwal verbal and non verbal. .U have some 500 Question there. the one given in the exam are really very easy the Question  are like.. in the series first 2 are given,3rd missing and 4,5 r given, u have to find the missing one from the options!

  • Next section is "Logics" (R.S), 5 Question on it the Question are like.. all cats are dogs, some rats are also dogs.. something like that...u have to choose the conclusion from both the sentences. u can prepare it from R.S

  • 5 Question are on venn diagram its very easy

  • And 2 puzzles One really tough and the other easy!!!!!!!for that, do all the puzzles that are in R.S

  • And "Data sufficiency" For that, if u can go through gmat Question it will be easy for u!!


  • U will have 2 paragraph Question!!dont waste time reading them.
  • If u are really fast at reading them,go through them or else lite
  • And u will have nearly 10 Question on "filling the appropriate words in the blanks given"
  • Nearly 8 Question on theme detection... practice them from R.S
  • Nearly 20 Question are on correction of sentences!be perfect with this section. Concentrate on tenses, prepositions, conjunctions...


As usual the Question goes with .. Tell me about yourself.. tell truth what ever you are...strengths ans weaknesses.. for strength they may ask you an example..
Be perfect with the 4-1st seem mini project u did, the one who is Questioning u doesn't know anything about ur project, so be bold and answer even though it is wrong!!!!!!!!
They will be checking how confident and perfect u are in it.
They will give u a task, if u are an organiser for a fest, how do u organize it?????
Don't forget to include the word commiteee...the answer should be like......first i will start with the planning.. arrange a Commitee meeting.... and then continue...
Be prepared with ur papers and posters ,its really an advantage if u have them....
And then asks about an introduction of main project!!!!
Be cool and answer......

Company Name: Infosys
Location :
No of Rounds:
Aptitude Test
Exam/Interview Date : 24-Mar-2011