(Paper) Indian Navy Fresher Exam Paper Pattern: 18 August 2011

Indian Navy

Company Name : Indian Navy
Type : Fresher
Job Interview Paper: Recently Indian navy visited our campus for university entry scheme.

The pattern followed by navy was some what different this time. There were three officers including the director of naval recruitment who started with introduction of Indian navy & formal interaction with aspirants (...try to participate more & show them your interest towards navy) In G.D. a group of 12 students had to discuss

Two topics in 20 min. time duration.
In my group we got

  • " eradication of corruption"
  • "reservation system is good or bad in present scenario"..

No interview was held...

Exam/Interview Date : 18-Aug-2011
No of Rounds : Group Discussion - GD
Contributor Name : Vaibhav