(Paper) iGATE Patni Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 31 October 2011

iGATE Patni

Company Name : iGATE Patni
Type : Fresher
Job Interview Paper: iGATE Patni visited Dayananda sagar college of engg. on 31st October 2011.it was of three rounds. written test, tech interview, HR round.

Written test consist of 50 questions. out of which 15 questions were on english,20 questions were on reasoning & 15 questions were on general aptitude.

All the questions of English & reasoning were very easy & you have 2 work out more on General aptitude, it looks easy but I could not get correct answers.

Cut of was 30.Including me 18 students could clear out of 75.next round was technical round. since I'm from mechanical background general questions were asked. only 2-3 questions were on c programming.

Final round was HR round. It was really cool. they will ask only few questions about u.Just show your confidence. dont be nervous. Finally a list of 10 names were called.

If you don't find your name in that list, don't be sad if u did well & also don't be happy if you find your name in that list coz they will send a revised list after some 3-4 days.

Even my name wasnt there in the list of 10. but luckly they added my name in the final list & also they have removed 2 guys name from that list.hope this will be useful 2 u guys.

all the best...

Exam/Interview Date : 31-Oct-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Location : Bangalore
Contributor Name : Rakshith