(Paper) IBM Fresher Job Placement Paper


Job Interview, Questions Paper

I Am Sharing The Questions Of e-litmus.  I Got 93.5th Percentile.

I Got Call From Sonus Network But Due My Personal Reason I Could Not Take The Interview.

All The Best For Elitmus If You Are Appearing For It Very Soon.

Elitmus Questions Are Quite Similar To CAT Questions. More Emphasis Is On Number Systems ,Probabilty And Permutation & Combination.

Percentage, Time And Work, Time Speed And Distance Are Not To Ignore.1 Question From Geometry, Function.

Questions Comprise Of Three Sections

  • Quantitative Aptitude 20 Questions

  • DI/Logical Reasoning 20 Questions

  • English 20 Questions

A Total Of 2 Hour Time Is Allotted.

Comparatively Quant Is Hard And English Is Easy. I Suggest You To Attempt English Section First Then DI/LR And Attempt Quant At Last.


Four Question On Sentence Completion, Two Jumbled Questions And Three Reading Comprehensions.

Questions On Rc Are Easy. Go Through The Passage Once And You Can Answer The Questions.

They Will Provide You Question 5 Minutes Prior To The Start Of Time. Read The Passage In That Mean Time.

14-16 Questions In English Will Give You A Percentile Of 90%.


3-4 Questions On Data Sufficiency.

Eg. abc Is A Right-angled Triangle. a Is Not The Largest Angle. bd Is a Bisector Of Angle b. Is ad>cd?

A. Angle a Is 60 Degree.

B. The Length Of ac Is 15 Cm.

Two Questions On Logical Reasoning Comprising Of 6-8 Questions.

Eg.5 Couples Give Birth To 5 Children On A Particular Week.

  • Sonu's Son Was Born On Sunday @ 2pm

  • Shweta's Daughter Was The Youngest.

  • Rani Didn't Give Birth On Monday.

  • And Similar Pattern And The Question Following

  • One Question On Alphabetic With 3-4 Question

Eg. D U L

*a L U



+ U K T U


Try To Solve This Question.

I Will Provide You The Solution Of This If You Need.

One Question On Di With 3-4 Questions

An Attempt Of 10-14 Question Will Give You A Score Of 90 Percentile.


Try This Section At Last As This Is The Most Time Consuming Section.


1. If F(X+y)=F(X)*f(Y) And F(1)=3 And F(1)+f(2)+f(3)+.......+f(N)=1092.Find The Value Of N.

2. The Ratio Of John Salary In 2001 To 2002 Was 3:2. And The Ratio In 2002 To 2003 5:7.What Is The Increase/Decrease In John's Salary From 2001 To 2003?

3 .Find The Number Of 6 Digit Number With Digits 1 To 6 Without Repetition That Are Divisible By The Digit In Its Unit Place.

4. 20 5. 3-digit Number Greater Than 300 In Decimal System Is Converted Into Base Of One Digit Prime Number Greater Than 2.How Many Numbers Will Have 1 In Unit Place For All The Bases.

5. X>Y>Z>100.Which Number Is More Nearer To The Product Of X,Y And Z I.E,Xyz?

A.Xy(Z-1) B.X(Y-1)Z C.(X-1)Yz

6. Two Persons A And B Start Journey Simultaneously In Opposite Direction From Distance X Km Apart. They Meet At A Point. At That Point A Has Traveled 180 Km More Than B. After Their Meeting They Reached At Their Destination After 2 Hr And 4.5 Hour Respectively. Find X.

7. A And B Can Do C Times Faster Than C Does. B And C Can Do A Times Faster Than A Does. C And A Can Do B Times Faster Than B Does. Find Theirs Ratio Of Work Done In One Day.

8. A 7 Digit Number abcdefg With D Divisible By 7 A Divisible By 4 And G Divisible By 8 Is Reserved Such That Y Is The Difference Of The Original Number And Reversed Number. If Y Is Divided By 18. Find The Range Of Its Remainder.

9. Probabilty Of Getting A Prey In A Particular Day Is 1/3.Find The Probability Of Getting Atleast 1 Prey In Next 5 Days?

10. Question Related To Clock.

1 Day=36 Hours

1 Hour=90 Minutes

When The Clock Shows A Time Of 15:50 ,Find The Angle Between The Hour And Minute Hand.

11. Four Wall Clocks

C1 Gives Correct Time And All Other Are Misleading

C2 The Hour Hand Of C2 Falls To 6 When It Reaches 12.

C3 The Minute Hand Of C3 Falls To 6 When It Reaches 12.

C4 Both Hour And Minute Hands Fall To 6 When They Reach 12 Ie A Combination Of C2 And C3.

When Clock C1 Shows 8:23 What Will Be The Time Of C2.

If All The Clock Were Correct At 6:31 Am On Tuesday Morning When Will All Show Correct Time.

Try To Solve These Questions. These Are Really Helpful.

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