(Paper) IBM Fresher Job Interview placement Paper: 10-Jan-2008


Job Interview Placement Paper

Hello Everyone, this is the pattern of placement paper for IBM global which came to my campus on 10th May. 192 out of 390 were selected for GD round and 34 got eliminated after GD. In all 114 were finally selected which was a record for them as well as for my college.

Written test consisted of three section first one was verbal reasoning which consisted of some articles and prepositions. A reading comprehension was also asked, this was tricky one and no question could be answered directly. There were 10 questions in all.

Second section was aptitude related. Believe me it was the easiest test I ever gave. There were different sections. In all 35 questions were to be answered.5 were related to Venn diagram problem, there was a section about binary nos. $ denoted 1 and @ denoted 0.all we had to do was turn each given relation to its binary equivalent and then replace each 1 by $ and each 0 by @.5 questions were about logical reasoning, 20 questions were general questions like time, man power and probability questions, very simple you can do them at one go if you have average IQ.

The third section consisted of technical questions,3 were c language related,3 on unix,2 on data structure n 2 on DBMS specially SQL.

GD was more of elimination rather than selection make it a point to speak some good points and do speak for some time. Just speak and you are thru.

Personal interview:

Hr: What is your name?
Me: sir Ashish
Hr: have a seat Mr. Ashish
Me: Thank you sir
Hr: So Mr. Ashish you are from electrical stream and you are having such a good cgpa then why you want to go to IT sector
Me: sir before coming to this col I did not know what is good for me and where my interest lies. After coming here I tried my hands on programming and found that I m quite good at it and it interests me very much, I think you can only grow in that field in which you have interest.
Hr: ok what all subjects have you read?
Me: sir I have read fundamental of C prog,8085 microprocessor, digital circuits...(always make it a point to tell only those subjects which involve logic or programming, try to skip core subjects like power sys and control sys from electrical...he will stop you after you tell him 3 , 4 subjects)
Hr: So you know C language.
Me: yes sir
Hr: o.k., so how much you rate your self in C
Me: sir I am the best in this col regarding algorithm development, infact I m sure I can compete with any comp. science student regarding logic development (believe me u should be confident enough to say that, it was a risk and I took it but if you are not that good in C just say that you know basics of C...or whatever you feel is appropriate)
Hr: really, so can you tell me algorithm used by Google search engine...
Me: (was bit nervous) sir I don’t know exactly but I can try..
Hr: Yes sure try try…
Me: blah blah blah
Hr: so u know what is binary search
Me: (that was very easy) blah blah blah
Hr: Tell me if I give you a array of 1000 no.s, all in ascending order in how many iterations will binary search be completed?
Me: sir 10 because 2 to power 10 is 1024...
Hr: yes that’s good, I am impressed.
Me: Thank you sir.
Hr: you told me you are very good in programming, can you support your claim.
Me: Yes sir I have won one C programming contest and was 11th in C online competition out of 200 odd teams.
Hr: good so what all programs you did...
Me: Told him and then he asked me to explain one of the programs. Was quite easy.
Hr: what is difference between do while and while
Me: (told was easy)
Hr: what is pointer?
Me: (Easy)
Hr: ok so do you want to ask us any question...
Me: asked 1-2 questions, (If thy ask you this questions its quite sure you are thru...)
Hr: you gave Bangalore as your preference can you tell why?
Me: gave some funda (never say there is more opportunity or something like that.
Hr: Thank you Ashish it was very nice meeting you
Me: thank u sir ,it was mine pleasure.

See clearing IBM is very easy if u have good pointer or if have good marks in their written test, mine score was 43 out of 55 ,highest was 48 (can b higher this is best to my knowledge) and I think cut off was 35(can b lower also). its easy for girls ,if girls r in interview its very rare they will b eliminated (they prefer girls). I don't think they had sectional cut off, they will make u write essay but its hardly ever read before interview.

All the best ,believe me they have easiest written test if you comp with others, Wipro recruitment process is very tough, Infosys takes nearly all who clear their written n Accenture pattern is same as that of IBM (exactly same)

Company Name: IBM
No of Rounds:
Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Group Discussion - GD
Exam/Interview Date: 10-Jan-2008