(Paper) HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Placement Paper: 25-Dec-2010


Placement Paper:

1. Following Some Pattern, understand the table and find the Answer?
JANUARY 20, APRIL 10, MAY 5, NOVEMBER 15, JULY? 5,15,10,20

2. Find the missing number: 1 10 3 9 5 8 7 7 9 6 |?||?|.
Ans 11,5

3. Find the missing number: 0 6 24 60 120 |?|.
Options above 200 some numbers

4. There are 12 pearls in a bag. One among them is less or more in weight. You have been given 2 pan weight machines. In how many minimum trials, you will be able to find the defected one? 4 3 11 13
Ans: 4

5. Direct distance between A & B is 200. Direct distance between B & C is 300. Direct distance between C & A? 50,350,650,550
Ans: 350(not sure)

6. There are 30 socks in a bag. 60% is in blue color. Minimum number of takes such that U have at least two blue socks? 20 (not sure)

7. You need to print an document of the area 216 sq cm. Condition is 3 cm margin is to be left at both top & bottom and 2 cm at the sides. What 'd be the optimized size of your paper?

8. In a party, every lady has her dog with her. There are 22 heads and 72 legs all together.How many ladies & dogs are there?
Ans: 8,14

9. How many ways a section of four letter word can be made in complete alphabet (26)?
26*25*24*23/4! (not sure check)

10.The Distance between A to B is 1000 miles... A person has 3000 Apples ..He has to deliver to the market in B , he is carring Maximum of 1000 apples by the camel.. For every mile the camel eats a Apple ...Like that then u have to find out the number of apples that he delivered to the market? a.1500 b.877.....

11. In the old era humans used --------- to prevent themself from the attack of dianosur?(Easy one) a.used fire b.. c.... d.none of the above
Ans: (d) B'coz that days there is no human's..(I am not sure)

12. One give X output in 1hr another in 1.5hr together to give Xoutput in how much time.

13. 'A' does a work in 12days, B in 16 days. Together they worked for 3 days, A went away how time does B need to complete work

14. Like 300 do not like 400.like100 not 99.like 3600 not 3700 he will like 900,1000,1200,....

15. how many 3 digit number divisible by 19.
Ans: 47 (not sure)

16. 5 saturaday in feb 1992 when will it come next .

17. Bill 35 Mary 57 Joe 30 Jane ? 2000,2020,2030...
Ans: 30

18. 5cm,4cm,9cm sides of triangle wht is perimeter (importance in units)

19. X^2 -Y^2 = 2^50 how many solutions.

20. odd one out ABCD EFGH IJKL MNOP

21. 2^N + 1 is divisible by N+1 how many solutions?
Ans: MNOP 1103958, 2103958, .........

22. A man have to weigh from 1 to 40 (1,40 included) minimum number of weight requried. 1,2,3,4

23.There are 30 socks in a bag. 18 is in blue color. Minimum number of takes such that U have atleast two blue socks? 20 (not sure)

24. apple ,orange, grape, strawberry bought for 7.1rupees. If sum of money is equal to its product. find each ones cost?

25. Six boys form a circle and eliminate nth boy to find a captain . what is 'n' for 2nd boy choose to eliminate to make him captain.

26. If a person shake hand with odd number of people how many shake hands will be there? 4 options Dont remember Rest of them There are 3 or 4 confusing passage.

Read and Answer C program

1) C program must have
a) atleast a function
b) no function.............

2) low level operators of C

3) how is prepocessors defined

4) main{
not sure
what is output?

int i=12,j=2;
{ i=i/j;
what is output

6) < & > are meaning when ..................

7) 2dimensional array a{5} where does it point.

8) a pointer should ----------before use. declared , declared & intialised ,intialed

9) Address of (&) cant used with register storage true or false

10) Bitfield?

11)static variable automatically intialised??

12) pointer variable points to _______________ and incremented .Register varible

13) if (i=1;i<31;i++){
if (j=1;j<31;j++){
if (k=1;k<31;k++){
if (i+j+k=3)
}}} not sure
what is output value of x at the end 9000,27000,3000..........

14) if (i=1;i<31;i++){
if (j=1;j<31;j++){
if (k=1;k<31;k++){
if (i+j+k=3)
}}} not surehow many additions alltogether?

15) 10? 0? 5:11:12
some simple if else conditions based questions.
some properties related to structures.
some outputs of given program.

No of Rounds:
Aptitude Test
Location : Bangalore
Exam/Interview Date: 25-Dec-2010