(Paper) ECIL Fresher Placement Paper: 28-Aug-2011


Electronics Corporation of India Limited

I attend the Ecil (CSE) exam in kendriya vidyalaya at Chennai. Duration 2.00 hrs , Total Question :50(each question carry 3 Marks ,wrong question minus 1 Mark carry). Paper is mainly focused on Basic Engineering Syllabus i.e Data structure, edict, Embedded System, Networking Concept, Digital principle & circuit design, Fundamental of computing.


1.Expansion of URL
A. Uniform resource locator
B. Universal resource locator
C. Uniform resource linker

2.C program(int i=3,,j=4,k=4;
printf("%d",k>=J>=i);return 0; with 4 answer

3.Function of rs232

4.Which is NULL Link Performed a.single b.double c.circular d.none

5.Router function
A. physical layer
B. data link layer
C. network layer
D. transport layer

6.Expansion of SSL

7. XXX,YYY,ZZZ are present in Binary tree function after excution which comes first a.XXX b.YYY c.ZZZ.

8.ATM is a.framework layer b.structure layer c. d.

9.ICMP protocol function

10.Embedded SQL developed in
A. Hard query & java

11.shown in figure on--->tape then Reviev(play than stopcondition go to tape) then another arrow goes through forward (play then stop condition goes through in tape)
A. ON is Concurrent state
B. ON is superposition
C. play stop action are completed

12.Banker's algorithm used for

13.Attribute function are
A. stronger..
B. weaker.

14. another C coding program

Company Name: Electronics Corporation of India Limited
No of Rounds:
Screening Test
Exam/Interview Date: 28-Aug-2011
Location : Chennai