(Paper) Ecil Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 28-Aug-2011



Job Interview Placement Paper

Test Paper: Technical Question, Aptitude and general knowledge.

1. IPV4 having 4 byte header n IPV6 has..:
a. 6 bytes b. 8 bytes
c. 12 bytes d. none of these

2. SSL stands for :
a. Secure socket layer b. software security layer
c. Security software layer d. something I don’t remember

3. Which of these rays does not contain any charge partical :
a. Beta b. Alpha
c. Gamma d. none of these

4. Manchester encoding is used for what??
a. To ensure confidentiality of data
b. To reduce bit error

5. Worst case complexity of quick sort:
a. O(log n)
b. O(n log n)
c. O(n)
d. O(n^2)

6. RS232 is
a. serial binary single-ended data
b. serial binary double-ended data
c. Parallel binary single-ended data
d. None of these

7. What is the output of this program ?
Int main()
float x=32.40,y=44.45;
printf(“x and y are equal”);
printf(“x and y are not equal”);
a. X and y are equal
b. X and y are not equal
c. Cannot predict
d. Run-time error

8. What is the output of this program ?
Int main()
Int x=1,y=4,z=4,p;
p=(z>=y>=x? 100:200);
a. 100
b. 200
c. 1
d. 0

9. Page fault time= 10 milliseconds Memory access time= 1 microsecond Hit ration is 99.99%... then what is average access time?
a. 1.9999 microsecond
b. 1 millisecond
c. 1.9999 millisecond
d. 1 microsecond

10. Which part of the program uses shared memory?
a. Thread
b. Process
c. Critical region
d. Semaphores

11. FSA works in which stage of compiler?
a. Lexical
b. Code generation
c. Code optimization
d. Syntax analysisTell me something about your self.

Company Name: ECIL
No of Rounds:
Technical Round-1
Exam/Interview Date: 28-Aug-2011
Location : Delhi