(Paper) CTS Placement Paper: 08-Sep-2011



Number of Rounds-2

Hello friends, I am Vikas Garud. Cognizant came to our college on 6th September 2011.

Process started with very good seminar. Person delivering seminar provided all information about company. He also asked some questions about company & gives some gifts to them who answered his questions correctly. So come with preparation if want some gifts from CTS. After seminar we were asked to move in one classroom where we were provided all instructions about exam.

Aptitude was consisted of 2 sets

  • 1. Verbal (25 questions-30 minutes)

  • 2. Analytical (30 questions-30 minutes)

Verbal section was quite tough. It has 2 long paragraphs. Also Identify correct & Incorrect statement.rearrange sentances ie parajumbling. etc.
You should be good in English. please ensure that you have answered around 20 questions correctly. because they have sectional cut-off for verbal.
Time management is key thing. First start with correct statement & at the end go for Paragraphs. Keep your nerves, keep in mind that you dont have to asnwer all the questions, just answering around 20 questions will do. So dont be in so hurry. take your time.


This section was easy. It had

  • 1) syllolism

  • 2)Picture perception

  • 3)Data sufficiency

  • 4)Data Interpretation

  • 5)Logical Interpretation

solve such types of problems. you will easily tackle this section.
At the end of the answer shit, we were asked 2 questions.

  • 1) What are the qualities required to be successful in software industry?

  • 2)Why do you think that you will be successful in software industry

Please do answer these questions, Because one of my friend got rejected because he did not answer these questions.
so come with preparation for these questions.
After 3 hours i.e at 7pm result was declared & got selected in aptitude. I was not ready with document so all my time wasted in collecting document.
so be prepared with all documents so that you will get time for preparation. because interview was immediately on next day at 9am.
On day of Interview i went with my resume & all documents.
I was sitting outside interview room waiting for my turn to come.
I was called after around 2 hours i.e at 12.20pm.
First interviewer asked me to sit down n took my CV.
First of all...

Interviewer: Vikas are you ready to work anywhere in India?
me: Yes sir
I: Are you ready to work on any technology?
me: yes sir
I: Introduce yourself?
me:Told everything true.
I: vikas you told u are hardworking, how can u say u r?
me: told
I: what is your area of interest?\
me: C++
I: ok, wat is difference between class & structure?
Me: told
I:wat is virtual functions?
I: wat is pure virtual function? wat is it's use?
me: told
I: how will you design game of chess using C++.
me: told that each soldier in chess will have 1 class n all,,,,, he was not much happy with my answer.
I: wat is difference between pass by value & pass by reference?
me: told
I: wat is hash table?
I: wat is Polymorphism?
me:told in detail. he was happy with my answer & say good.
I: wat is abstract class?
me: told
I: write one program to swap 2 numbers
me: wrote on paper & explained.
I: what is library files?
me: told

As I told him that I like C++, he asked me many questions about C++. I answered all of them correctly.
I was not appeared for Accenture which was preceding CTS because of package.
he asked me the reason, I told him in flow that package was low. At this point he was surprised by answer & told that freshers should not consider package.
So please note that never complain about package, they dont like such candidates. i was lucky & got selected.
Next day results were declared & I was selected..
It was happy day indeed of my life.

Company Name: CTS
No of Rounds:
Aptitude Test
Exam/Interview Date: 08-Sep-2011