(Paper) CTS Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 7 September 2011



Company Name : CTS
Type : Fresher
Job Interview Paper:  Initially we had an aptitude test consisting of 2 sections : Logical and Verbal. Verbal was quite tough. If you solve CTS sample papers then it can get easy.

Next we had an interview which included Technical as well as HR.

In technical i was asked my favorite subject.
I said C, C++, DS , DBMS and JAVA.

She asked me to write a program for finding special characters and vowels in a string.

Then she moved on to Data structures. Asked applications of each. also which structure is useful in sorting. Difference between arrays and linked list.

Then she moved on to DBMS with questions on Join and primary key and its constraints.

She read my CV once again and asked me questions like...what do u do apart from studies, which domain would you prefer, which is your preferred location.

She asked whether any certifications i had done.

Last thing she asked was any questions for her. I asked about training period. Do ask something...they like it and also believe that we are interested in their company.

That's it....Interview was quite easy.....got selected.

Remember In CTS you should be technically sound, confident and have excellent communication skills.

Exam/Interview Date : 07-Sep-2011
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Client/Manager Interview
Location : Pune
Contributor Name : Neha