(Paper) CTS Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 16-Aug-2011



Job Interview Placement Paper

There was 1 Aptitude round containing reasoning and verbal section. out of 340 students in IEM  Kolkata  322 cleared the Aptitude questions were from figure, arrange in order Puzzle, comprehension. then it was HR+TECHNICAL

  • HR- Good evening,So you are debdutta
  • ME- Good evening sir,yes sir
  • HR- Why it?
  • ME- Told the wikipedia defn.
  • HR- Why not cse?
  • ME- Told
  • HR- So whats the difference?
  • ME- Told
  • HR- So you know C
  • ME- YB9es sir
  • HR- what are the other languages you knoe?
  • ME- java
  • HR- differnces?
  • ME- told
  • HR- (cross questioned) why c faster?
  • ME- told
  • HR- so u found out that c is faster? how?
  • ME- explained
  • HR- if i give you a program to find out factorial it will execute faster in c or java?
  • ME- told that for a naive user it will not be possible for me to determine
  • HR- where c and where java?
  • ME- told for a complex algorithm and a bank payroll system where c where java?
  • ME- explained why
  • HR- asked to explain my project
  • ME- asked for a paper and explained and answered his queries about i/p,o/p, users etc
  • HR- so write a program to findout the factorial
  • ME- did
  • HR- oh (saw what i had done) if you are asked to learn new language in industry will it be ok for you?
  • ME- yes
  • HR- (cross question)....
  • ME- remained confident
  • HR- so debdutta Nice to meet you .YOU WERE GOOD
  • ME- thank you sir
Company Name: CTS
No of Rounds:
Aptitude Test, Technical Round- 1
Exam/Interview Date: 16- Aug- 2011
Location : Kolkata