(Paper) Latest CSC Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern : 1 August, 2011


Job Interview Question

Round 1. Aptitude Test

  • Aptitude was little bit challenging as we were to answer 40 questions in 40 minutes.
  • It included Verbal,Quantitative,DI,Logical Reasoning .Time management is really necessary for this round.
  • Preparation from RS. Aggarwal would be well enough for this round.
  • No. of students selected=211/1230

Round 2. Technical Written

  • The paper consisted of 75 questions and an essay at the end. Questions were from Basics of Data Structure, Microprocessors, OS, OOPS.
  • Regarding the essay section-4 topics were given and V are supposed to choose one among them.
  • Guys prepare from fresherworld particularly for this technical written. The materials over there are really very helpful.
  • No. of students selected=70/211

Round 3. Group Discussion

Actually wasn't a typical G.D group of 10  peoples were made to sit to gather and were individually asked to introduce themselves and few general questions regarding hobbies were asked. Communication is really important, fluency doesn't matter.
No. of students selected=21/70

Round 4. Technical HR 

I guess this was the most challenging round. Guys please see to that you have put up whatever only you know that your technical strong enough. Otherwise definitely you gonna get screwed up. If your planning to your mark sheets in , make sure that totally totally through on your subject mentions in your mark sheets. Beware don't take your mark sheets in until they ask you to.
No. of student selected=5/21

Round 5. HR Round     

This was quite easy just you got to tell about yourself.
No. of student Selected in finally =5

Company Name: CSC

Number of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Group Discussion, Technical Round-1,Technical Round-2,Client/Management Interview

Location: Chennai

Type: Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern

Exam/Interview Date: 1-Aug-2011

Contributor Name: Mathangi