(Interview) Consagous Technologies Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 28th April 2011

Company Name : Consagous Technologies
Type : Fresher

Hello Friends,

I am Manika Nanda from Gwalior and pursuing my BE from IPS College of technology and management Gwalior. The Consagous technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been conducted a Campus in my college and I got the job.First of all there was a pre placement talk in which the HR of the company gave the introduction about the company.
After that selection procedure were started there are four rounds

The Consagous Technologies Selection Procedure:

  1. Written
  2. GD
  3. Technical Interview
  4. HR Interview

Written Test :

The written test was basically contains technical and aptitude part.
In this section the question were related to the programming languages and some questions are from software engineering and some basic
aptitude questions are also there total there are 45 questions and the time duration is 45 minutes.There is no negative marking in the written test.

GD Test :

In GD round the topics are like :
Should private sector be privatized.
Is non violence be the outdated concept

Technical Round:

In technical round questions related to our stream were asked like questions related to C and C++ Some questions are :

  1. Difference between C++ class and struct.
  2. Virtual function and Pure virtual function.
  3. How to connect the databse in PHP.
  4. Session ,Cookies
  5. Connection String in .net etc.

HR Round:

Some Questions of HR Round are as follows:

  1. • Descibe yourself
  2. • Some Logical questions questions like use of thermometer other than temperature measurement.
  3. • How we can form 120 with the help of five zero’s.
  4. • Will You prefer Relocation or not?
  5. • Tell me something about consagous technologies.
  6. • Why do we hire u?

Really it was a very good experience with HR Ma’m and with her Team. And finally after all the 4 round I got the job. All The Best.

Verbal Ability:

The first few questions were on synonyms type.
The second section, choosing an appropriate articles.
Third and fourth sections were paragraphs ( two paragraphs), one on E - Commerce and another on DBMS - database management systems.

Analytical Reasoning:

  • In this section, some questions were very easy, and some were confusing. This section consumes more time so you should do it at last.
  • First 5 to 6 questions were based on Vendiagrams ( Refer R. S. Agarwal Verbal & Non - Verbal Reasoning Puzzle Test chapter), Percentage and profit loss.
  • Another 5 questions on BODMAS rule.
  • Another 5 questions on replacing 0 with * and 1 with $.
  • Another 5 to 6 questions were on Cubes ( Refer R. S. Agarwal Verbal & Non - Verbal Reasoning)

No of Rounds : Techincal Round-1
Date : 28-April-2011
Contributor Name : Manika Nanda