(Paper) Cisco Fresher Job Paper Pattern: 31-Jul-2011


Job Interview, Questions Paper

This Process Was For QA/Test Positions In Cisco Systems

No Of Rounds: 4

  • Aptitude Test

  • Technical Interview 1

  • Technical Interview 2

  • HR Interview

Aptitude Test

This Test Consists 4 Sections: Mental Ability, C Language, Networking, Testing And QA

Mental Ability(15 Questions):

General Aptitude Questions From RS Agarwal Like Work and Time , Time Speed and Distance, Blood Relations (Identify The Person In An Image Of Family), Logical Reasoning Questions, Series Problem, Etc.

C Language(14 Questions):

Code Snippets Were Given To Find Out Output And Errors. The Questions Were Mainly Based On Concept Of Function Pointer, Pointers, Use Of Bitwise Operators, Enum, String, Arrays and Pointers, Etc.

Networking:(10 Questions)

Questions Based On Classes Of IP Address( Class A 0-127=128 Addresses, Etc), SMTP Protocol and Some More Protocols, TCP IP, Which Protocol Work On Which Layer, Port Number.

Testing(10 Questions):

 Questions On Different Types Of Testing Techniques (Which One Is The Best Suitable), Software Development Models (Waterfall, Agile, Incremental), Phases Of System Development, Qs On Sdlc, Etc

After Clearing The Test They Called Me For Interviews After One Week, There Were Three Interviews: Two Technical Followed By A HR Round

Questions Asked In Technical Interviews: First Interview Lasted For 2.30hrs And Second Interview Lasted For 1.15hrs.

In Both The Interviews They Asked Questions On Following Topics:

  • Data Structures (Linked Lists, Graphs, Trees)
  • Reversal Of Linked List, Adding Node To Ll
  • BFS, DFS
  • Balanced Trees, Traversal Of Trees
  • Logical Programs In C: Like Arithmetic Operations And Swapping Without Temp.
  • Variable Deleting Comments From C Source File
  • String Operations Programs
  • Networking: TCP IP And OSI Model, Different Protocols For Layers
  • OS: Scheduling Algorithms, Semaphores
  • Database: Join Queries
  • Searching and Sorting Algorithm Logics: Heap Sort , Merge Sort, Radix Sort

They Also Asked Me About The Projects.

After Each Round They Do Evaluation And Elimination.

After Clearing Both Technical Rounds Finally It Was HR Round, Lasted For About 20 Minutes, They Asked Me About My Family Background, Interests, Some Extra Curricular Activities Mentioned In My Resume And About Cisco.

Company: Cisco
Location :
Type : Fresher
Exam/Interview Date
: 31-Jul-2011
No of Rounds:
Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Technical Round-2, Client/Manager Interview
Contributor Name : Neer