(Paper) Cisco Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern : 14 Jan 2012


Company Name : CISCO

  • Aptitude (Nearly 13-14)
  • C Programs(15)
  • Software Engineering (10)
  • Networking(10)


  1. A rectangle area increased by 300% .......what will be after it decrease to 200% find area
  2. A Firm hire truck for 10rs/day at .10 Liter petrol /day another jeep .50 Liter /day and 20 Rs. / day hiring....scooter how much will it required petrol and what will be charges /day?
  3. Logically Correct sequence 1 statement 6 option

C Programs

  1. Fibonacci
  2. Calloc/malloc
  3. A Program modify function(),print() Answer 12,13,13
  4. main()
    {int x=5;
    int fibo(x);
    printf(the fibonacci is "%d",sumthing);
    int fibo(int x)
    if (x==0) return 0;
    if(x==1)return 1;
    return fibo(x-5)+fibo(x-2);

answer is 12 May be.


  1. Packet size of ICMP
  2. XDR file found in which layer answer session layer
  3. What is a half duplex mode protocol

Software Engineering

  1. Testing is crucial because ? option might be 4
  2. Before releasing the QA product what phase guidelines are used???
  3. Before giving product to user what assurance about product is done some option were there
  4. SQA believes in what believe before complete testing of product some option again not remember.
Exam/Interview Date : 14-Jan-2012
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Technical Round-2
Location : Bangalore
Contributor Name : SHIBENDRA