(Paper) Cisco Fresher Job Interview Pattern : 31-Jul-2011

Cisco Systems, Inc

No of Rounds : 8

The first round was Aptitude and there were sections containing:

  • Aptitude: 15 questions
  • Networks: 10 questions)
  • Software Quality Assurance (SQA) : 10 Questions
  • C++: 15 Questions

The total time was for an hr its easy if u have prepared well, I lost it but I swear its easy to prepare and get through. The Aptitude were very basic and was easy to clear. 

Networks were only based on questions form Bridges, Routers, OSI layers, the Protocols on it, SQA was also simple. C was fully based on Pointer must know pointers concept well.

The next round was Technical Interview on SQA.

All the best.