(Paper) Cisco Systems Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper : 26-Apr-2011

Cisco Systems

Job Interview Placement Paper:

I had three rounds of Interviews which was comprising of 2 technical rounds and one HR round. The Interview was at Cisco Systems, Bangalore. Since I had applied for Electronics Job i was asked questions regarding Digital Electronics,Image Processing, Analog Electronics, Microprocessor and Microcontroller based Questions.

1. What is the difference between a flip flop and a latch??
I answered "Latch is Level triggered and Flip flop is edge triggered"....

2.Why most of the interrupts are made falling edge triggered
Because .. Due to the effect of Noise the pins may get triggered if they are positive edge triggered.. So...

3.What is the difference between IIR and FIR filter??
Don't ever give the expansions of both..Answer is IIR requires larger hardware to implement whereas FIR requires simple circuits.

4.Why many people are opting for "Image processing" field these days??
This depends on you .. on how you have used it in your life....

5.What is the function of ALE pin in microprocessor??
Answer is .. whenever it is triggered it latches the address to the latch... used for multiplexing the bus...

And they might ask questions on the projects you have done in your academics (Resume).. So never ever write something which is not true.. that is something you haven't done..