(Paper) BOC India Placement Paper Pattern : 29-Sep-2011


There are four round of selection

1st is technical aptitude test which consist of 40 ques. to be answered in 20 minutes.some of the questions were
  • Deflection of simply supported beam under the action of point load at the mid span of the beam
  • What are the constituent metal of stainless steel?
  • Radiation of any body depend on which properties?
  • Which stress is mainly considered for bolts joint?
  • Why did cavitation occurred in a pump while pumping water?
  • During cooling and dehumidification of air what is the change occurred in dbt?
  • What is defined by any point in a stream line?

2nd was g.d.some of the g.d. topics are Lokpal bill,IPL

3rd was 1st round technical interview

4th was 2nr round tech. interview as well as h.r. interview

Company Name: BOC
No of Rounds:
Aptitude Test
Location : Kolkata
Exam/Interview Date: 29-Sep-2011