(Paper) ATRENTA Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 05th Aug 2011


Job Interview, Question Paper

Their Question Paper Consisted of 3 Sections : C, Electronics and Aptitude-8 questions in Each Section.
C Section : Give the Output Type of Questions. In one Question We had to Write the function which can detect powers of 2 i.e. which will return a value 1 if n is a power of two (2,4,8 etc.)
Electronic Section: First Question on gray code, one Question on using 42x1 multiplexers to implement a function, other Questions on implementation of functions using minimum number of NAND and NOR Gates.
Aptitude Section: This Section had very different than normal kinds of Questions.
A Man want s his sons to inherit his fortune and sets a task for them that who ever reaches a city abc last will get all the fortune. The sons take a camel each n wander a round for days. They finally meet a wise man and ask him for advice. The wise man tells them something and they both mount their camels and race towards the city. What did the wise man say?
Another Question was like a month has 3 Fridays falling on even no of dates. On which day does the first Wednesday of this month falls?
Company: ATRENTA
Location : Delhi
Type : Fresher
No of Rounds: Technical Round-1
Exam/Interview Date : 05-Aug-2011
Contributor Name : Gagan