(Paper) Latest  Aon Hewitt Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 23, FEB 2011

AON Hewitt

Job Interview Question

Technical Round

1. When Would You use a pointer & a reference?
2.What does it mean to take the address of a reference?
3.What is difference between C and C++ ?
4.What are the differences between a Struct and a Class in C++?
5.What is abstract class and why it is used ?
6.SimpleQueries related to database and Differences like .(i) What is trigger, Procedure ETC ?
7.My specialization is .net that's why they also asked me question from .net like

  • What is Event Bubbling?
  • What is Differences Between server.transfer() and response.redirect() ?
  • What is Delegate ? etc.

Group Discussions

In Group Discussion Topic was so simple and topic was related to modern education system.

Aptitude Test

In Aptitude test question was so simple and Questions were related to Series Completion, Profit and Loss, Number System, Blood Relation, Puzzle ETC.

Company Name: Aon Hewitt

Number of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Group Discussion, Technical Round-1

Type: Fresher Job Interview

Exam/Interview Date: 23-Feb-2011

Contributor Name: Anil