(Paper) AMDOCS Latest Fresher Placement Paper: 2011


Job Interview, Question Paper

Unix -Check Answers Yourself. Writing The My Given Answers

1) Print 11ths Line From File. Head -10 File|tail + File

2) Compare Command  cmp

3) Find Phone Number From File An Sort By Albert. Find Phoe File|sort 'albert'

4) Sort The Data And Print Duplicate Records----- Sort File|uniq -d

5) Display * For File / For Directory- Ls -f

6) What Does Test -f File Do? Check If File Exists And Blah Blah/.

7) What Is Symbolic Link

8) Command To Give Permission To World- Chmod A+r.

9)  Prt First 10 Lines From File-head -10 File

10) Remove 15 Days Old Records From File. find ./ -time +15. |rm .

11) What Does Ug=Rw Do? Provide Read And Write Permission To Usergroup.

12) What Is The Following To Restrict All Users Permission Chmod -r.

For Unix Read Commands Like
Head, Tail, Ls, Cmp, Test, Rm, Chmod, Uniq,Tee,Cmp Along With Alll The Options Come Under
Like Ls -a
Ls -l Ls -t Etc.

1) DML Command. Insert

2) How To Avoid Dirty Ready And Phatam Problem......Read Uncommitted

3) Check Constraints

4) Attribute,Tuple, Entity

5) Dbcc Check constraints, Checked DB

6) Acid Rule For Stable Data Even If Transaction Fails

7) Issolation Levels read Committed, Read Uncommitted..

8) Check Option, Force Option

9)  2-3 Question On Views. Like Can We Update View Etc.

10)  Joins

Read Constraints, Views, Isolation Levels, Joins


1) Composition

2) Collection And Collections Interface /Class

3) Abstract And Interface

4) Keyword Support/Not Support In Inner Class

5) If Exception Throw From Static Block Which Vl Exception Occur

6)  When Running Thread Stops

Options. I) When High Priority Thread Comes In Runnable

Ii)  When Interrupt Exception Occur

7) It By=25;

I) If(By++%2==0)Return True;

Ii) If(++by%2==0)Return True;

 Which Vl Return True I Or Ii? - Ii
8) Class A Implements Runable{
 Public Void Run(){ Sop("Test")}
Class B{
Thread T=New Thread(New A);

Output-Test Test Test

9) Rc.Gc---- Garbage Collection

10) Value Of A If Pass A=5 In Both:
--a; Sop(A);

Output=--- 4 4

11) Class A{
Public Void Test(Object O){
Public Void Test(String S){
A A=New A.Test(Null);

Output- String

12) Class A{
Public Void Test(Object O){
Public Void Test(Nullpointerexception S){
Sop("Null Exception")
A A=New A.Test(Null);

Output- Null Exception

13)  Which Is Corect Sysntax
Class Animal{
Public Void Eat(){}
Options :
I)Class Cat Extends Animal{
Public Void Eat(){}
Ii)Class Cat Implements Animal{
Public Void Eat(){}


14) Downcasting....

Class Base{
Public Void Eat(){}
Options :
I)Class Derive Extends Base{
Public Void Test(Base B){}

Output  Base B=New Base()
Derive D= New Drive()

15) Default Value Of Arraylist-10

English Pasasge On Software Testing.


3 Eye testing Questions. Like 3249.123 3249.113 3249.123 ...Vl All Equal Are 1 And 2 Are Equal,2-3 ....1 And 2

3 Question On If * Is +,+ Is -, -is / , / Is *

Eg :What Is Value Of 3+5/4-2*3

4 Questions On If 0 Is 4 And 1 Is *

What Is Value Of 160*160 ------------- 256 $********
(4)^3 +(6)^3
4 To 8 Are Condition Base


2 Questions On Sets.

If 700 People Are Thr. 234 Like Hockey .123 Like Both.Etc.

4 Questions On Cube.

3 Questions Are On.. Eg: What Is The Value Of Sin@

I) Sin@-cos@=0

Weather I) 1 Is  Require To Answer
Ii) 1 And 2
Iii) None
Company: AMDOCS
Location : Hyderabad
Type : Experienced
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test
Exam/Interview Date : 25-Jun-2011
Contributor Name : Amit