(Paper) Adobe Fresher Interview Placement Paper: 2011



Job Interview, Question Paper

This is my Adobe interview experience for freshers :

Written Test:

  • Engineering :  45 Minutes - Data Structures, Algorithms, Operating Systems
  • C/C++ :       45 Minutes - C/C++ Fundamentals & Coding
  • Aptitude:   45 Minutes – Quantitative & Analytical

On clearing the Test, 3 Technical Interviews + HR discussion on the same day.

Interview 1:

1) Insert an element in a linked list at the end , given the start pointer.

2) Write a function to Swap pointers .

3) There is a list containing the check_in and checkout time of every person in a party . The check_in time is in ascending order while the checkout is random .


Person Check_in Check_out
Person1 8.00 8.30
Person2 8.15 8.30
Person3 8.30 9.20

and so on

Now , give an optimized solution to find at what time the maximum number of people will be in the party . My solution - O(nlogn) time and O(n) space . He gave

 another O(nlogn) time and O(n) space solution .

and some other questions that I can't  recall

Interview 2:

1) Base class contains 2 functions and Derived class (with Private Inheritance from Base) also contains 2 functions (same name as those in Base cass), then he

asked me the effect by changing the Inheritance type and making different functions virtual like - virtual func in Base then in Derived and then both .

2) Same question appended- A derived class A derived from Derived and Base , now

A a = new A;
Base *b = a;
Derived *d = a;

b = d;

and b = (Base *) d;

then which functions can I call ?

3) Convert a tree into its mirror without using extra memory - O(1) space .

4) If an array is rotated a number of unknown times , then how to find an element in O(log n)

5) There are 3 sticks placed at right angles to each other and a sphere is placed between the sticks . Now another sphere is placed in the gap between the sticks and Larger sphere . Find the radius of smaller sphere in terms of radius of larger sphere .


Company: Adobe
Location : Bangalore
Type : Fresher
No of Rounds: Technical Round-2
Exam/Interview Date : 20-Aug-2011
Contributor Name : Malathi