Q. Does company have its own form or uses standard placement form?
A. Standard placement form is used by company for shortlisting.

Q. Does company apply the shortlist to the resumes submitted?
A. Yes.

Q. Is the shortlist qualifying in nature or eliminatory (merit based)?
A. Shortlist is eliminatory(merit based).

Q. What is normally the ratio of shortlist?
A. Generally the ratio is 1:4 for shortlist.

Q. Is there advantage for work ex guys?
A. No, unless the work ex in banking or finance area.

Q. Is there a leaning towards particular background of students in the shortlist?
A. No.

Q. Does grad matter in the shortlist?
A. Yes, defintly.

Q. What role does extra-curricular activities plays in the shortlist process?
A. Extra curricular do not play a role in the shortlist.

Q. What qualities should the candidate highlight in his/her resume?
A. Resume should highlight the finance projects and the learnings in finance. Candidate should come across as a person who has interest in finance.

Q. What is the biggest mistake a candidate can make in his/her resume?
A. Resume lacking focus in finance would be sure way to fall behind.