(Paper) Mindtree Placement Question Papers - General Ability

Mindtree Placement Question Papers - General Ability

1. A person losses and gains 10% on selling a object for 200.
ans:he losses

2. sum of 1 to 100 is divisible by
1. 1,2,4,8
2. 2 & 4
3. 2
4. none
ans: 2

3. 10 consonants and 4 vowels , how many words with 3 consonants and 2 vowels?
1) 720 , 2)7200 …
complete series

4. AZX….

5. ABCEFGIJK……( ver easy )

6. how many nos start and end with 2 b/w 100 and 300?

7. If a sphere of dia 3 cm is melted & formed into 3 spheres , the diameter of 1st is 1.5cm and that of second is 2.0 cm , what is the diameter of the third?.

8. 5 logical reasoning like :: All elephants are trained a few animals are trained ……….etc -> refer to IMS material for this

9. There are 6 steps from 1st floor to 2nd floor A is 2 stes below C B is next to D ONly one step is vacant
NO 2 people are on any step
Q )if a is on the first step , which of the following are true

10. 6 people compete in a race A,b,c,d,e,f b is not in the 1st place there are 2 runners b/w d and e a is ahead of d ( one more condition ) and 2 quesitions –very easy

11. If prizes are increased by 25% , by how much should i reduce the consumption to keep the expenditure same??

12. how many factors ( or what nos) divide 6400 1) 24 , 2) 25 3) ….

13. “COURTESY” – how many words can be constructed with C in the begining and Y at the end

14. My mother’s husband’s father in laws son’s child->what is the relation?

15. 3 glasses containing mixture of water and alco in ratio 2:3 , 3:4 , 5:9 when all 3 are mixed what is the new ratio??

16. There is a meeting organized, every person shake hands with the other only once. If there are 60 shake hands,how many persons are there in the meeting?.

17. A fater has 8 children ,he takes 3 at a time to a zoo.probability of a child going to the zoo.

18. A father has six children .all the children are born at regular intervels.if the sum of their ages of all the children and father is 186. calculate the age of the elder son, when the younger sons age is 3.

19. count the numbers between 100 and 300, that starts with 2 and ends with 2.
Ans: 10.

20. Some reasoning questions There are six steps,5 people a,b,c,d,e . conditions are , a is two steps below c,no two people are on same step,b is next to d. 4 Questions based on this

21. 5 people participating in the race .conditions are given about the positions.

22. A ball is dropped from a height of 10 feet.Every time it rebounces to half of the height. how many feet it traveled?

23. There are 3 jars. The ratio of spirit to water in each of these jars is 3:2,4:5,5:7. the three jars are mixed into a single jar. What is the ration of spirit to water in single jar.

24. What is the relation with your mothr’s sister’s brother’s wife’s child with you.?

25. what is the relation with your mother’s husband’s father-in-law’s son’s child with you?

There is one programing question. We have to write program(This program will be evaluated if you are qualified forInterview).you will be given choice(ie write one out of two given)

GD topics.

1. If both husband and wife are working in the same organization.

2. coordination between educational institutions and companies.

3. Linux Vs Microsoft . Which will perish?.