(Paper) Infosys | Placement Paper 2010 - Interview

Infosys | Placement Paper 2010 - Interview

Company Name : Infosys
Type : Fresher
Exam/Interview Date : 08-Jan-2010
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Client/Manager Interview

Infy came to our college - IET-DAVV(indore) on 8th of jan with a criteria of 65% average till 6th semester.
Written test was damn easy for all those who have prepared for CAT. 106 out of 135 cleared the written test. 96 were finally selected.
As expected Infy took only HR interview. Interviewer was 60+ and an IIT grad. He was really a nice person.

q1.) tell me about yourself?
Ans.) I am a calm and composed person....I am aggressive... blah blah.....(1-2 lines more).. thats it.
( I messed up the things.)

q.2) tell me about your family background?
Ans. ..Told.....

q.3) Gentle man your career graph is going down-
10th - 88%
12th - 76%
1st yr - 70%
2nd yr- 63%.................. why is that so?????

Ans.) This was the weakest point of my CV. I had to give such an answer so that he couldn't coss question me......
so I said ---
In 2006 i was under depression.. coz i couldn't made it to IIT.
in 2007-08( my 2nd yr) I had a break up.
( WTF !?>!>?).

q3.)(continued) So now are you ok??
Ans. Yes sir and thats why I picked up in 3rd yr(73%).
( my bluff really worked for me... ;-) )

q4.) He looked at my extra curricular activities& achievements... and was impressed by that--

  • Did comparing in Robaroo-2009( Ghazal Night by Ustad Ahmed Hussain and Ustad Muhammad Hussain).
  • Did comparing in Naach( Inter College dance competition) in 2008 and 2009.
  • Volunteered in Wavez-08(Concert by Pakistani band “JAL”).
    --Won Inter-School speech competition organized by Bhramo Samaj(2005).
    --Cleared NTSE (2004).

q5.) Tell me about your project and the role you played in it.
Ans. My project was "Multivariate Data Visualization techniques". I played the role of analyst.....blah blah
( prepare this question extremely well and be specific..... I fumbled again).

q6.) Being a computer engineer your skill setis way too less than other candidates( only c++.Core Java :-( )...????
Ans.(this was the turning point of the interview).....
Sir its so because I was studying finance....(he asked why I studied so......I explained the need of financial planning...and need 2 understand the concepts of personal finance.....since I am a trader myself and constantly consult my friends .... it was piece of cake for me.)

q.7) Do you have any certifications in this field????
ans.) I showed my NCFM certifications-

AMFI registered mutual fund adviser (registration no. 76300).

Commodities Market Module – 97.5%.
Currency Derivatives Module – 83%.
Depository Participant Module – 80%.

(these certifications made my day.....interviewer was highly impressed.)

now the interview became a sort of chat session.... he told me that when was in US he had Accountants working as software professionals...and role of BFSI segment in revenues of Infy.... and blah blah... blah...

It was friendly "pravachan" going on.... when the peon interrupted..... he bought tea and biscuits for him....and my interview ended as it was the time for a tea break.


  • Its not a big problem if you are not very fluent in English( I fumbled several times in q1 and q5.)
  • Its OK if you BLUFF..... but make interviewer buy it...
    don't hesitate to give bold answers.... and reply as soon as the question is asked.. don't think much else you would be caught.)(it worked for me in q3)
  • Be specific and precise( need not to tell "be polite" ).

Submitted By:
Siddharth Jain
Email : sidjain89[at]gmail.com