(Paper) Engineers India Limited | Placement Question Paper (GK) - 15 March Lucknow

Engineers India Limited | Placement Question Paper (GK) - 15 March Lucknow

Total 2hrs time for the test.

GK Question:

  1. How many litre are in one barrel? RO: 159
  2. Where is the OPEC head office located? RO: Viyana
  3. Which is the fiest Silence move? RO: Harischanra
  4. Animax channel belongs to which channel? RO: Diseny
  5. Whose wrote a famous book "AnandMatha" ? RO: B.C Chetergee
  6. Which Institute A.P.J.Abdul Kalam associated? RO: PSLC
  7. Which Country was the fisrt impose Corban Test?
  8. Purgeon BPO unit associated with which Company?
  9. Who is the first president of INC?
  10. Which Prize is alternative of Nobel Prize? RO: Child livelihood
  11. Nilgiri is famous for which crops?
  12. At which state Ganga & Alakhnanda meet?
  13. Which country impose euthenesia first law?
  14. "Lithe" is belongs to which country?
  15. P.Sainath belongs to which proffession?
  16. M.S Swaminathan is belong to which commission?
  17. "The Cell, the elephant & the snak" who wrote this book?
  18. "pongal" festible belongs to which state?
  19. Which dance is called "East of Bellet"?
  20. Kangiranga park is famous for which animal? RO: Rihno
  21. The faomous golfer Vijay Singh is belong to which country? RO: Fiji
  22. At which date "Pravasi Diwas" celebrated? RO: 9 jan
  23. Jawahar lal Nehru award is given to which country presidence in 2006?
  24. 2012 olyampic will be held on which country? RO: London
  25. Golden arches product belong which country?

Some more questions are given on current affairs, 5-6 questions are from english grammer (easy) , if u have the habit of reading newspaper then that questions will be easy. These are some questions from general awareness. (50 questions in this section).