(Paper) TESCO Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 27th April 2011

Company Name : TESCO
Type : Fresher Exam/Interview

Hi friends this is Mohammed Ismail. I attended the ALL INDIA TEST conducted by the TESCO on 27nd April 2011.
I hardly could not get even one question paper when I was searching for the question papers of TESCO. So I tried to help the future students who would write the TESCO exam. Just basics and small problems were asked in the paper.

The pattern is 70 questions in 1 hour.

 The Tesco recruitment process was conducted in THREE phases.

  1. Written Test
  2. Technical Interview
  3. HR Interview

Written Test :

Tesco test was conducted by Merit Track. The test pattern includes three sections of different papers. They are Verbal Ability, Analytical and Logical Reasoning. 

Verbal Ability:

The first few questions were on synonyms type.
The second section, choosing an appropriate articles.
Third and fourth sections were paragraphs ( two paragraphs), one on E - Commerce and another on DBMS - database management systems.

 Analytical Reasoning:

  • In this section, some questions were very easy, and some were confusing. This section consumes more time so you should do it at last.
  • First 5 to 6 questions were based on Vendiagrams ( Refer R. S. Agarwal Verbal & Non - Verbal Reasoning Puzzle Test chapter), Percentage and profit loss.
  • Another 5 questions on BODMAS rule.
  • Another 5 questions on replacing 0 with * and 1 with $.
  • Another 5 to 6 questions were on Cubes ( Refer R. S. Agarwal Verbal & Non - Verbal Reasoning)

 Tesco Logical Reasoning:

  • This section is more time cosuming compare to other two sections. Even though, number of questions is very less, but all are lengthy questions and alloted time is very less.
  • Here one problem on Decision making ( Refer R. S. Agarwal Verbal & Non - Verbal Reasoning )

 Coding and Decoding

Visibility test ( three 10 - 15 digit numbers have given, just find out which are same, and which are different), it was quite easy.

No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Date : 27-April    -2011
Location : Bangalore
Contributor Name : Mohammed Ismail