(Paper) Latest Virtusa Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 27, December 2011

Virtusa Pvt. Ltd.

Company Name: VIRTUSA PVT. LTD.

Date: Dec 27th 2011.

Total No. of Rounds:

  • Written Test
  • Technical Round
  • H.R.


Time No. of Ques
Section-1 25:00 25
Section-2 35:00 25
Section-3 35:00 24
Section-4 35:00 25

Section 1:-

English:- Just go through “Objective English by R. S. Aggarwal” for article, preposition. But I request you to read Barron’s GRE sentence completion, wordlist (probably just for getting a practice but not given in the exam) The other topics are meanings, opposite for words like fickle, deteriorate, magnanimous etc and passage questions.


Aptitude- R. S. Aggarwal book of quantitative aptitude is bible for this section


Logical Reasoning: R. S. Aggarwal book for Logical Reasoning,
but not all topics. Just passages, odd man out, series completion.



Programming part is quite complex because he went through graphs and trees more than remaining datastructures.

The other type of questions are--- they gave a program and asked to find what to perform using the program.








After half an hour they announce the results
I got through


There are Two Panels

One guy is asking for 2 min the other for 8-9 min
Unexpectedly I went in to the room of the later.

Me: may I come in sir.

TR: yeah come in (went and sat in the chair)

TR: what’s your favorite subject


TR: why JAVA is preferred than C

Me: said (Remember guys say the buzz words and other known topics)

TR: is Java platform independent?

Me: yes sir

TR: why

Me: said the reason (He started to ask all about JVM in UNIX & WINDOWS).
I failed to say 5-10 questions but confident even in saying “don’tknow”

At the end

TR: write a program on polymorphism

Me: Actually I am good at java along with servlets, jsp etc. I started to write the program of overloading and overriding.
He stood at my back watching the way I am writing and said)

TR: I understood your knowledge

Me: (I asked about my performance)

TR: don’t be tensed you're already selected for H.R.

Said thanks left.
After10 minutes he said to go for H.R.


I got tensed because I didn’t ask “may I come in sir” while entering, “good evening”, “can I take a seat”.

I went and sat in the chair then I remembered about the formalities and looked at his face he laughed.

HR: Are you hunger?

ME: no sir

HR: you ate around 2:00 are you really not hunger?

ME: I ate a few biscuits at 5:00 pm (truly just 1,actually a Rajdhani
express is running in my stomach for food)

HR: ok. Tell me about your family

ME: said

HR: your role model

ME: said “my dad” along with the reason

HR: good.
What are your hobbies?

ME: playingcricket, watching Formula1 racing

HR: asked about 15 questions about F1,
Indian grand prix, etc

ME: said

HR: ok. good (he said leave)

ME: but this thought to say “thank you sir” and said left
After 5 minutes said selected.

Total students attended: 392

I got selected
And the only thing I say is
Never……..Never……Never……Give Up

  • I failed in PRO-KARMA (written)
  • I failed in INFOSYS (written)
  • I failed in SYNTEL (written)
  • I failed in RIKTAM TECHNOLOGIES (logical round)
  • If ailed in ZETA-INTERACTIVE (GD)


Exam/Interview Date : 27-Dec-2011

No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Technical Round, HR interview

Contributor Name : KRISHNA