(Paper) Latest National Informatics Center (NIC) Fresher Job Placement Paper: 20 Nov., 2011

National Informatics Center (NIC)

Company Name: National Informatics Center (NIC)

The Paper Consist of Two Parts

  • 75 Questions of¬† One Mark
  • 25 Questions of Three Marks

There was also -ve marking of 0.25% for each wrong Question.

The Paper Consists of Questions From all subjects of engineering like operating System, Database, Communication & Networking, C, Java Software Engineering.

In Operating System it Contains Question Like

1. Real Time Scheduling is

(A) Preemptive Scheduling

(B) Round Robin Scheduling

(C) FCFS Scheduling

(D) None of these

2. Which Addressing Doesn't require fetch operation

3. Tell the No. of operations in statement LXI H 0900H

4) which is mobile operation system

a) Android

b) Window Phone 7

c) Mezooo

d) All of above

SQL and Database Question is

1.) Structure of Table is Done by which Query

a) Select

b) Insert

c) Modify

4) Alter

2. One Question On 3NF

3. RDBS use which type of data structure 

a) Binary Tree

b) B-Tree

c) B+ Treee

d) Hashing

Networking Questions are

1.) Which is False abt bridge

a) Bridge OS Layer Two Device

b) connect two LANS

c) Avoid Collision

d) None of these

2) SubNet Mask for class B network for 64 departments

3.) what is ARP

C Questions are

1. give the output

void main()
int a=10,b=8,x=9,y=0;

2.) void main()
int const *p;
int i=10;

void main()
int i=0,j=5;
char a[6]="world";

think about this question actually i didnt find exact answer of this question in options options are

a) ldrld

b) worow

c) Null string

d) ldorw

Java Questions are

1.) Which of the Following is Not Java keyword

a) null

b) transient

c) native

d) synchronized

2. which of these java technology give support for cgi functionality

a) applet

b) servlet

c) servlet API

d) none of these

3.) out of these which is not scope in java beans

a) application

b) request

c) session

d) session

Software Engineering Questions are

1) what is forward engineering

2. one question on calculating effort for software on basis on no. of lines of code.

Data structure questions are

1) complexity of bubble sort

2.) apply quick sort

c1 is no. of comparison in sorting
c2 is no. of comparison in sorting

a)c1=c2 b) c1>c2 c)c1

3) one question on binary tree

4.) in a complete k-ary tree which has n internal nodes what are no. of leaves node

a) nk

b) n (k-1)+1

c) (n-1)k+1

d) n(k-1)

and most of the Questions are on OS & Networking but less Questions are on Programming. the paper was not tough and not so easy. if you prepare you can achieve it easily.

Exam/Interview Date: 20 Nov., 2011
No of Rounds : Screening Test
Location : Delhi
Contributor Name : Sachin