(Interview Tips) After The Interview

- After the Interview -

The final step in the interviewing process is the thank you letter. Thank you letters are used to express appreciation and strengthen your candidacy. Don t underestimate how important they can be, as many candidates do not send them. A thank you letter is a great way to influence your interviewer after you have left the interview. If the employer is not sure about hiring you or someone else, a good thank you letter can help sway them in your direction. It can also solidify their decision by reaffirming they have made the right choice. 

The thank you letter lets the employer know that you really want the position, which is important because employers believe a person will perform better if they really want the job.  More.....

What to Ask After the Offer

All job hunters are waiting for that call -- the one that says they ve landed the job. But as eager as you may be to escape either your current job or the unemployment ranks, don t abdicate your power position once the offer comes in. Now it s your turn to sit in the interviewer s seat and ask the company and yourself some tough questions -- the answers to which could mean the difference between career bliss and disaster. 

Will the actual work and job responsibilities provide gratification, fulfillment and challenge? 
This question is often overlooked, because applicants get hung up on job titles, salary and benefits. Try to get a clear sense of what an actual day would be like. What will you spend the majority of your time doing? Is the work in line with your values? Will you likely learn this job quickly and become bored and unchallenged? 

What are the boss s strengths and weaknesses? 
This question can be tough to answer, and it s best saved for after the job offer has been extended. You ll want to get a good idea for your potential boss s management style. More.....

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