(Interview) Following-Up the Interview : (Hypothetical or Scenario Questions)

INTERVIEW : Following-Up the Interview:

Hypothetical or Scenario Questions

When asking a hypothetical question, the interviewer describes a situation which you may encounter in the position and asks how you would react in a similar situation. This is a good way to test problem solving abilities. When answering this type of question, try applying a simple problem solving model to it - gather information, evaluate the information, priorize the information, seek advice, weigh the alternatives, make a decision, communicate the decision, monitor the results and modify if necessary.


"Suppose you are working your first day in our laboratory, and a fire at a nearby work station breaks out. What would you do?"

"Before I start working in any laboratory, I always locate the emergency equipment, such as eye washes, fire blankets and alarms. I would also review the safety protocols. So in this situation, I would be aware of these. As soon as I noticed the fire, I would shut down my experiment and if the fire is significant, I would pull the fire alarm and help to evacuate the lab. In the case of a very small flame, I would ask the staff member at that station what I could do to help, which would vary with the type of substances involved."