(PAPER) INFOSYS 24th September 2006 Bangalore

Infosys test on 24th sep.. in bangalore... I am unable to clear the written test... The puzzle section is very easy (all 10 question are from the old papers) but the english section is very tough for me... arround 1500 they shorilisted only 176.. and they have interview on 26th sep..

the puzzle questionS are...

1) Clark, Jones, Smith and Morgan are Butcher, Grocer, Druggist and Policeman. Based on the given conditions find who is who.
1. Clark and Jones are neighbors and they drive each other on alternatively to work.
2.The Butcher always walks to work.
3.Clark beats Smith at the bowl regularly.
4.The Policeman has met the Grocer only once when he arrested him for speeding.
5.The Policeman and the Druggist are not neighbors.
6.Jones earns more than Morgan.C het anaS
7.The Policeman earns more than the druggist or Grocer.
Quite confusing and time consuming for me.

2) Dr.Dail's says the hour hand and minute hand meets for every 65 min. in his watch.. find it is gaining or lossing?

3) A person participate in a race.. he says there are one-third of participates before him and 3 quartes are behind him.. find how many persons in the race?

4) For every hour a train is going to NY to Washington and every hour and half-hour a train is going to Washington to NY... if you are in the train which starts from NY then find how many trains will you see.

5) A person binds his old books... he find that there are 61 three's in his book... find how many pages..

6) J and K are playing games... IF J wins one match then his score is double than K... and If K wins then both are equal scores.. find their scores..

7) In a Race Davis beats Jim.Jack is not the last .Samantha loses to both Jack and Lucia in the order.Jim beats Jack.Who Won the race?

8) this is a logical reasoning question... the race in a boat... there are 5 conditions if Captain got the 1st rank then some other got some ranks like that... this is also form some old papers

9) a showcase of paintings T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z and three conditions
1. if T then no X
2. If V then X is must..
3. If U then Y is must
and there are 4 questions in objective types... this is a simple questions from old papers...

10) sorry i dont remember...

Friends the puzzles are very very eazy one.. i attended all the 10 puzzles... but the english question are very tough for me (i am in very poor in English language)... so pls prepare the basics grammer in english

And the english section is also as same as the Previous pattern..

1. RC
2. Idendify Correct One
3. Identify the wrong one..
4. Choose the correct word...and like that.

There are 45 questions for 30 minutes...

Friends pls prepare the old papers..... and also english...