FAQ's on Infosys selection for Freshers

FAQ's on Infosys selection for Freshers

1. What are the marks required for Freshers?
Usually approx 60 to 65%. 

2. Will they put us in the domain in which we have knowledge?
They will train us according to the requirements needed by them at that time. After that based on current requirements u may or may not be working on same platform.

3. Take home salary, increment in Bangalore or Mysore (any Development Center) for CS
The salary and other perks remain the same in any DC or for CS or non-CS for the best of my knowledge. The offer letter mentions 14+ but u will get approx 11+ based on distances from the office. (Transport charges). Increments after one year only.

4. Can college students get in the same DC?
Probably yes. Depends on the requirements of the DCs.

5. When can we know the result after attending interview / test?
Approx 3 months from then. Check mails regularly once or twice a week. Depends on when and where a batch is starting.

6. Solved Questions of Infy Papers
Search Placement Papers, many are solved papers. As usual refer the 3 standard books.

7. Infy training details
For CS students
it is for a period 1.5 to 2 months. They give them training on a few basic concepts and then the stream part. They will have only one exam at the end of the course. 
For non-CS for 3.5 to 4 months. They will train on basic concepts. Finish their generic exam. Then training on stream for another 2 months. After that another exam testing only on stream concepts. (For non-CS 2 exams). (I was a non-CS student).
Test, quiz and assignments are a daily routine. U have to clear the exam to enter the production field. Usually people get placed to a different DC's based on the requirements at that time after training. 
No increment after training. Only after 1 yr increment.

8. Will arrears hinder my career at Infy?
They are not a botheration at all. Many have had an arrear. Remember no man is perfect. All are equal here. 
Only people who have an aggregate of more than 60 or 65 % is considered. Nothing else counts.

9. I have done BE + MBA. Am I eligible for software firms.? Should we mention aggregate of all 8 sems or only last 4 sems?
Yes u are eligible. As far as Infy is concerned, it is an average of all semesters.

10. Will off campus selection be a problem?
No not at all. U will have write a test and if selected attend the interview the next day. 99% of the interview candidates get selected.(the other 1% may not have good communication skills. this was told by an HR to me). So improve ur comm. skills guys if u r bad at it. The result may be announced any time in the next 3 months based on requirements. ( I got joining date after approx 2+ months after the interview. I joined on after 3+ months. I was selected).

11. Aggregate less than 55%. And lost infy test twice. 
The selection process depends on all India score (told by the HR). They consider marks scored in Engg + the marks in the test to select candidates. 
So all u can do is work hard to score high in infy test. 

12. I applied many times but not received call letter from them / I am not able to attend the exam after I got the call letter due to unavoidable reasons. What shall I do?
They will surely send it all people. Think practically. They can't call all 70,000 students on a single day. They will call them in batches. 
If u cannot attend, send a mail regarding the same and they will arrange for the next possible available test date.

Sorry for the delay in answering the questions. Actually I was busy preparing for my exam, project and other stuffs. I wrote the exam on 19th and 20th ( we had 2 exams one in Sep and other in Nov as we are from non-CS). The results were out by Monday (22nd evening). We were in production from Tuesday. I Got some free time now, so tot of clearing ur doubts.
For any other doubts, don't hesitate to contact me. Please mention infy doubt in the subject line. Other subject lines will be ignored. Please refer to the previous questions I answered to avoid asking the same query again. Many queries were repeated. Please check those questions n number of times before placing a query. U can send ur queries at smi_dr[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in. I will answer some 15 to 20 q at a time and post it.

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