(Paper) IBM Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 27-Feb-2012


Job Interview, Questions Paper

Company Name: IBM

Hi friends,

IBM was a dream come true, golden opportunity for me

Job Profile: System Engineer

The Procedure was Divided into Two Days.

  • Day 1: Aptitude, Written Communication, GD
  • Day2: Logical puzzles reasoning, Technical, HR

Aptitude: Divided into Second Sections.

Day 1:

Section 1: Number Series

I have few questions with me which I had scribbled on my rough paper.

  • 9,3,24,4,9,3,36,6,9,3,30,?
  • 52,62,42,78,89,68,49,61,39,63,76,?
  • -16,-8,4,24,12,-6,-40,?
  •  49,6,25,4,36,5,81,5,?
  •  9,3,6,21,9,12,33,15,18,?
  • 12,3,15,14,6,19,9,23,18,12,?
  • -15,-14,34,32,-42,-39,58,54,-61,?
  •  38,36,76,35,114,34,?
  • 30.5,31,30,0,67.2,67,70,100,183.9,?
  • 11,8,17,14,23,24,31,32,?
  • 10,12,-36,-7,-5,15,19,21,?
  • 44,4.4,0.88,0.264,0.1056,?
  • 11.5,17.5,35.5,89.5,?
  • 2,3,10,15,26,35,50,?
  • 1/3,1/2,1/4,2 1/3,3 1/2, 4 1/4, 4 1/3, 6 1/2,?
  • 1.25,3,7.1,1.5,1,8.1,1.75,-1,9.1,0.75,2. 00
  • 5,1,2,8,1,0,9,2,3,14,1.3,2,?

Section 2: General Quantitative Questions on Avg., Time and Distance, Speed, Simple Interest.

This section also had 17 questions

Note: Only one question was displayed at a time for 2mins 14sec for both Sections. We cant go to or fro to any other question. Nor we can we transfer one questions time to another. So utilize your time sensibly. So logically Aptitude part was for 34 questions each for 2mins 14 sec was for 75mins approx. (No sectional cut-off)

Result was declared after Two hours.

2) Written Communication: It was 15mins test. In this a passage was given and we have to brief it into 6sentences exactly in our own words. Use vocab , concentrate on tenses, grammar and correct spellings.

Result was declared after 3hours.

3)GD: Most interesting part for me, cos my group had 15girls including me, so messy. This sections was for 15mins to discus among the group members.

Topics were : 1) Does management should be included into engineering

2)Credit cards: Its uses and abuses.

We choose topic 1, good thing about this was at the end of 15mins, each 1 is given a minute to conclude. That was the time I spoke. This saved me.

Result after half an hour; and good thing my entire group was selected. Day ended at 2100hrs


Logical Puzzles reasoning:

This section contained Four questions without options and we had to write the answers with step by step explanation. Students whose answers are correct and explanation was satisfactory were directly send to

HR (Technical Skipped).

I remember all questions.

  • 3,12,24,33,66,?
  • One train is leaving from Delhi to Mumbai at a speed of 85km/hr. At the same time, another train from Mumbai is heading towards Delhi at 100km/hr. A bird is sitting on top of one train before it commutes. When both train starts their journey,fly flies at 125km/hr. And when it meets opposite it reverts its position and flies until it meets first train. This process is continued until it gets crushed between two trains. How much distance the bird travels in whole journey ? (Refer R.S.Agarwal)
  • There is an opening into a firm for one position and there are two applicants for this position. The recruiter finds both applicants useful so he hires both of them on a salary of Rs.2000/yr. He offers both applicants an raise in salary after they pay Rs. 1000 half year. He puts an option for both of them of Rs.100 raise half year and Rs. 300 yearly. 1st person chooses Rs. 300 and 2nd chooses Rs. 100. Who will the gainer and by how much?
  • There are 10 friends, each individual has some message. How many minimum telephone calls will be needed, so that evry1 has all messages?

Result was declared after 4 hours.


  • Tell me About Yourself?
  • Project?
  • Uniqueness of Project?
  • Explanation of Answers of Fourth round i.e Logical reasoning. So don’t bluff answers in 4th round?
  • Concepts of C? e.g Can we have nested structures and functions? Technical person had lappi wit net connection, he showed one C program and told me to find errors if the program has any, and predict the output and explain the program
  • My friends were asked for DBMS, OOPs, Networking,etc.

I was last in my group so I got my result within 10mins


  • Tell Me About Yourself?
  • You are elder in Your family so due you find any advantage of being elder?
  • Asked me to rate myself for logical, analytical and programming skills?
  • Gave program to solve, If you have to choose a no. from 1 to 1000, what logic will you apply?
  • Ready to relocate (Mainly asked to gals)?
  • Any questions

Out of all six rounds my HR was best and he was impressed by me. Result immediately declared as “SELECTED” yeah .

Out of total 800 students, near about 70-80 students were selected, and I was lucky to be in selected students.  Lastly gave a form to fill. The day ended at 2200 hrs.

That day had nice sleep.

Company: IBM
Location :
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Technical Round-2, Group Discussion - GD, Client/Manager Interview
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