(Paper) IBM Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 25-January-2013


Job Interview, Questions Paper

Company Name: IBM

Hi friends,

IBM was a dream come true, golden opportunity for me

The Procedure was Divided into Two Days.

  • Day 1: Online Aptitude Test, Online English Assessment Test:
  • Day2: GD, Technical, HR

Aptitude: Divided into two Sections.

Day 1:

Section 1: Number Series

I have few questions with me which I had scribbled on my rough paper.

  • 9,3,24,4,9,3,36,6,9,3,30,?
  • 52,62,42,78,89,68,49,61,39,63,76,?
  • -16,-8,4,24,12,-6,-40,?
  •  49,6,25,4,36,5,81,5,?
  •  9,3,6,21,9,12,33,15,18,?
  • 12,3,15,14,6,19,9,23,18,12,?
  • -15,-14,34,32,-42,-39,58,54,-61,?
  •  38,36,76,35,114,34,?
  • 30.5,31,30,0,67.2,67,70,100,183.9,?
  • 11,8,17,14,23,24,31,32,?
  • 10,12,-36,-7,-5,15,19,21,?
  • 44,4.4,0.88,0.264,0.1056,?
  • 11.5,17.5,35.5,89.5,?
  • 2,3,10,15,26,35,50,?
  • 1/3,1/2,1/4,2 1/3,3 1/2, 4 1/4, 4 1/3, 6 1/2,?
  • 1.25,3,7.1,1.5,1,8.1,1.75,-1,9.1,0.75,2. 00
  • 5,1,2,8,1,0,9,2,3,14,1.3,2,?

Section 2: General Quantitative Questions

Again there were 15 questions and we had about 2 min for each of the question. I don't remember the question but they were of average. I am not very good at aptitude but I found it good. So, it was surely an average test. You cannot skip any question as otherwise you can't go back to the previous question.

Online English Assessment Test

We were given 22 questions based on voices, preposition, sentence using, and some question related to documentation. For example, where do you write introduction in formal mails and what do you write to address in the business letter. It is very simple and related to the usual language we use in the business letters and talking. No "ve marking and we were given 20 min. for the test. You cannot skip any question as otherwise you can't go back to the previous question.

After that, we were told to leave. We got the reply on our mails and I got selected for the next round.


Group Discussion

 Group of 10-11 was made and my topic was "Social n/w- Stay connected on the go-on mobile. Other topic for another group was "Women Empowerment. There were 2 judges and they were very friendly and made us feel comfortable. Initially, there was a chaos in GD but later on, they asked each one of them to speak individually. In my group, only one candidate couldn't make through the next round. My suggestion for this round is that don't take the topic in informal way. I didn't speak much but I told only relevant things.

HR + Technical: .

  • Finally my name was called and it was the easiest round for me. The interviewer was very friendly and asked simple question. Some questions were:

    1. How was your day and how are you feeling?

    2. Introduce yourself, Strengths, weaknesses, family background.

    3. Technically, in which language are you comfortable with?

    4. Any problem with relocation?

    There was not a single question of technical or programming. Instead he asked 1 question to check my analysis quotient only. Question was "You want to know the number of bicycles in your city. What approach will you use for it? He didn't wanted any calculation or code, just the approach used to solve the problem. I gave 1 approaches:

    #1 Check the Nationap population register and find no. of children and labours in the area s this is the class of population which uses most no. of cysles. But it will be a tedious approach.

    #2 Divide the area in small regions and do the public survey.

    And the interviewer was very happy with my 1st approach.

That day had nice sleep.

Company: IBM
No of Rounds:
Online Aptitude Test, Online English Assessment Test:, Group Discussion - GD, Technical, HR
Exam/Interview Date :
25th Jan 2013 and 28th Jan 2013
Contributor Name :
Reena Barnwal