(Paper) Latest IBM Placement Paper At Sinhgad Institute of Management, Pune: July 2010

Latest IBM Placement Paper At Sinhgad Institute of Management, Pune: July 2010

Company Name: IBM
Type: Fresher, Job Interview

Hello Friends, I am Pravin Junnakar from Sinhgad Institute of Management, Vadgaon (BK) Pune

My Experience In IBM:

There were 4 Rounds:

1) Aptitude Test (Remember in Aptitude, IBM checks your speed). Again 3 Sections- Time Limit 15 min.

Matrices -15 Questions
There were 4-5 Matrices given to us and 3 to 4 questions on each matrix

A 1 E 5 B
4 E A 1 C
2 B 4 4 C
4 A B C 2
B 4 A 2 C

1) replace A with 1,B with 2, C with 3,D with 4 and E with 5. 

what are the diagonal elements starting from Right-top to Left Dwn ??

Numbering system-20que time limit 4min

Ques like:
Find odd number in series:

Which is 6th number

Math-12 que time limit 15min
Questions on percentage, Partnership, Profit and loss, Time and work etc... Some questions were easy and some were hard.

2) Technical Test: Again 2 section i.e. Programming 20que time limit 25 min, Questions on C programming and flow charts. Like find out correct option which will print output 99? and 4 Programs were given, (tips no need of checking all programs, find out syntax error u will easily find out correct soln) same in case of flow chart, find out out of given flow chart?? and some theoretical question on string and array.

Aection 2 ques on OS, N/W, Database... 15 questions time limit 15 min.Questions like which is B class IP address? 3 - 4 questions on OSI model like: which devices comes under 2nd layer of OSI model? MAC address is having how many Bytes? what is dirty Bit??

3) Technical Interview:
In tech. interview, he asked me abt myself, family background, then abt subjects i have been learned in MCA. after that he started asking ques on each sub whatever i told him. c programming: declare a pointer to function which will take argument as pointer to int, then return pointer to another function which again will take argument as pointer to int and return int.???

C++: oops concept, what is polymorphism? Function overloading overriding, early binding late binding,,

Java: Multithreading

OS: Multi processing, virtual memory, virtual computer, cloud computing , paging, RAID

Database: DDBMS, fragmentation, replication, ACID property

SQL: Write a query on a student table having two columns of name and marks to find out student name having max marks, using max function, without using max function, using join and some general questions on project and area of interest.

3) HR Interview: (Please be confident and try to make eye contact)

HR interview was little bit easy, Question asked to me are,

  • Tell me abt urself,
  • About ur project
  • Which field do u like most? (my ans was oops programming and database)
  • Again he askd which will u prefer most, i replied database.(bcaz the job was for storage area and file system)
  • What do u knw abt IBM??
  • Recent IBM innovations?

That was my experience in IBM, I request u to submit ur exp online so that other may get help from it, Wish u a Great Success In Life.

Exam/Interview Date: 24-Jul-2010

No of Rounds:

  • Aptitude Test
  • Technical Round-1
  • Technical Round-2
  • Client/Manager Interview

Location: Pune
Contributor Name: Pravin Junnarkar