(Paper) I-flex Placement Test Paper April 2008 at Allahabad

Paper : I-flex Placement Test Paper April 2008 at Allahabad

There were a total of 1300+students for the selection process out of which only 135 people made it through the written round. Finally only 35 were selected.

There were 2 sections in the first round -

  • Written Test

  • Aptitude (40questions) and english (20questions)

  • Time was 60 minutes.

English Language Questions were like:
1. 5 Questions of RC
2. 5 Questions Para Jumbles.
3. 5 Questions from articles
4. 5 Questions Antonyms and Synonyms. (See the vast collection of placement paper verbal english section synonyms and antonyms - IT)

Aptitude / apti Test Questions:
1. Time and Work
2. Speed and Distance
3. Logical Reasoning
4. Syllogism
5. Figure View
6. Complete the figure
7. Pipe and cistern

These are some of the topics of aptitude written multiple choice / objective type test. There were a total of 52 of these questions.

Next was the i-flex interview session. It had two rounds - tech+hr interview and HR

First one: Tech + HR
Tell me about yourself.
Write a C program to arrange 7 no in asending order n tell the 3rd highest
Write a C language program to swap 2 no.s without using variables just an array
What are your hobbies?
He gave me a apti question. Two cars going wid diff speed in same directions?.n 15km distance When will they overtake?
One more puzzel on avg speed
Any problem moving to banglore?

HR Interview round:
1. What is your attitude towards life?
2. How do u define success?
3. Who is at par day scholars or hostlers?
4. Reason for gap between 12th and b.tech?
5. Family backgorund
6. Any problem in relocation
7. Do you think passing pecrcentage should be increased?
8. What you liked about iflex during the last 2 days?