(IQTest) The Most Advanced Online IQ Test

IQTest : The Most Advanced Online IQ Test

  • - All questions and sections are closely modeled after real IQ test questions. Click here for more information about the GIQTest

  • - Some test questions are timed individually, however the test as a whole is not timed.

  • - The Test has 5 sections, each section has 5-15 questions. It will take about 25-45 minutes to complete.

  • - Your browser must have image and Flash capability (Any version of IE > 4.0, any Mozilla with Flash 6.0)

  • - Each section and question is based on a corresponding clinical IQ test part. GIQTest scores' correlated within 4% of a takers' clinical IQ test score.

  • - This Test uses pictures, words, and some animation.


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Courtesy : Giqtest.com