CSC Placement Questions and Interview Experience 2015

Hello every one. I attended the CSC [Computer Science Corporation] Off campus Placement drive at CGC Chandigarh on 2nd of Jan 2015 where approx 500 Students attended the drive.
The Drive had 4 Rounds namely,
  3. TECHNICAL and 
We begin with giving the Aptitude round. 100 questions in 0 minutes. it had 3 parts, Section A had Aptitude and Reasoning and English question. A total of 40 questions. Section B was Technical questions, 60 questions indeed. Section C was a Passage to be written in 150 words within the given 0 minutes time period.
Apti ques were as follows:
3 man had collected 65 apples by visiting different tress. at tree 1 the collected some apples. at tree 2 they had 3 times the apple that they collected in tree 1. at tree 3 they had 5 times the no of apples when they reach there. at tree 4 they could collect only 5 apples. what was the no of apples they had in tree 1. ANS: 3
An equation of line is given and we hae to find the equation of the line which is parallel to this line and passed through a given point. ANS: Use formula y = mx+b
Questions from clock such as How many times the Hour and minute hands are Perpendicular to each other.
Finding the next term in a series.
3X3 Sodoku
Puzzle questions
1 question from Pipes. a pipe takes a hours to fill the tank. but because of a leakage it took 3 times of its original time. Find the time taken by the leakage to empty the tank. ANS 3/2 a hours.
How many obtuse triangle can be made when one of the side of the triangle is taken between the 1st natural number and 8.
in a village having a population of 45000, 5/9 of the population were men. if 40% of the them are married, then what %age of women are married in village? ANS 50%
a man deposited 20% of 25% of 30% of an amount in a bank. if he deposited 750 then what was amount he had initially. ANS 50000
4 candles hain 5hrs, 4hrs, 3hrs and 2hrs of burning capacity respectively was burned simultaneously. what will be the cost involved when 3 of the candles have been burn off completely with 0.75 rs per hour.
if square-root of 15 is 3.87. then find the value of square-root of (5/3)
The ENGLISH question were of good standard, but was not that hard. fill in the appropriate sentence/word, write the synonym of the word etc. We didnt have any passage.
Venn diagram question such as ALL BLACK IS WHITE and ALL WHITE IS BLUE. Which of the following can be concluded from the above statements.
Technical Part was very very easy.
we had question such as Which of the following are mobile OS
1.Windows 2. IOS 3. ANdroid 4. Blackberry 5. ALL of the Above
Very very easy and basic questions.
In the SECTION C we had 5 Topics out of which we had to write a passage of 150 words on any 1 topic. Topics were 1. Change is necessary. 2. Should reality show be Banned
3. Luck is equally important as Hard work. 4. Gandhi a born leader.
I Selected the 3rd Topic.
After the Aptitude round, around 1.5 hrs later results came. Out of 500 only around 150 Cleared the First Round.
After that we had the GD Round. In that we were not given any topic but instead were asked to give our introduction. They were asking question from our Hobbies that we mentioned during our Introduction.
After this, Around 110 Students made it to the Interview Rounds.
In the Technical Interview, PREPARE YOUR PROJECTS. That was main focus there. They will start the questions from the Projects only.
I was asked the Following Question:
Q.So Abhinash, You have done a Project in DRUPAL right. 
A. I explained him about the project and gave him the Link of the Project. He opened it and saw it.
Q. U r from HYD, Why are u studying here. U could have joined any College in Hyderabad.
A. i told him the reason and the facts behind it.
Q. He then asked how did u Got this Project.
A. I answered him.
Q. He asked how can you increase the Ranking and visibility of a website in a Search engine?
A. I explained him About SEO Optimization.
Q. He asked what is the amount that google charges to get your website registered with it?
A. I said sir the Website registration is Free, ut if we are opting for Adsense then there is some charge for it. I dont know what exactly they charge but im certain that The website registration is Free of Cost.
Q. He asked what is the Latest Version of APACHE Webserver.
A. I told him.
Q. He asked what is the Basic Behind the DRUPAL CMS.
A. I Answered it.
Q. He asked what is ODBC?
A. I Could answer that. I Simply said sir i studied it in DBMS but im not getting it now.
Q. He said, okay Abhinash, Tell me any subject from your Academics that you think you are good at?
A. i said DBMS and OS.
Q. He then asked, WHat is Normalization.
A. i Explained him and also gave an example.
Q. He then said, u also said OS right. Okay then tell me what all OS have u used.
A. I told him All the OS i have used.
Q. He said so u used Ubuntu then?
A. i said yes.
Q. in ubuntu we have the version as 12.XX or 13.XX. What that XX.
A. i answered.
Q. Okay have u heard about LTS?
A. i said im sorry sir but i have not heard about this term.
Q. Okay Tell me the Technical problem due to which it is said that we should not use Ubuntu?
A. i didnt knew the exact answer so i said, Sir i dont know exactly why it is said ut according to me the reason is that it Drains out a lot of battery.
Q. He said okay abhinash, u had 84% in 10th, 72 in 12th and now u have 66% in Btech? why is it so?
A. I explained him.
He said, okay abhinash any question for me.
i said no sir.
He then said, okay then Nice talking to u abhinash.
i said thankyou sir and left the interview room.
The Result came and i Cleared the Interview. Among 110, only 51 Cleared the Technical Round.
The HR interview was like ust for formality. They just asked is it okay with u to relocate. Is the bond okay for u. Can u work in Shifts. Do u have any Present Uncleared Re appears or Backlog etc.
After this, The Result came on 3rd Feb 2015, All 51 of us Cleared and i was among them.

This was my 14th Placement drive. I was rejected in COGNIZANT, SYSCOM, HP, IGATE, AON HEWITT, AMDOCS.
But finally Made it in CSC. Guys dont lose hope.
You will et a job. If not today, then Definitely Tomorrow.
Have Patience. and keep trying and keep on improving ur self.
Abhinash Pati