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Since the company's founding in 1967, Capgemini has established itself as one of the top 5 IT services and consulting companies worldwide. Over the past 4 decades, we have witnessed periods of success, challenge and reappraisal.

Our long-term growth and the accompanying expansion of our service offering have relied on internal evolutions, international acquisitions and organic expansion. The following timeline gives an overview of our journey:

The early years (1967-1975)

Capgemini traces its roots to the French city of Grenoble, where Serge Kampf founded Sogeti in 1967. By 1975, the acquisition of 2 large IT services companies, CAP and Gemini Computer Systems, had established the company as a European leader, present in 21 countries.

Time for expansion (1975-1989)

The company continued to grow and develop, shifting its focus from capital-intensive machine solutions to high-value intellectual services. By 1989, internal restructuring, European expansion and American market entry had positioned the company among the 5 leaders in its sector worldwide.

New strategies for growth (1990-1997)

Capgemini built a world-class management consulting practice through a series of strategic acquisitions including United Research (1990) and the Mac Group (1991) in the U.S. and Gruber Titze and Partners (1993), and Bossard (1997) in Europe.

Building the future (1998-present)

As the global IT market evolved, we increased emphasis on two of our businesses: local professional services and outsourcing. We have also developed an approach we call Rightshore. This approach relies on both offshore capabilities - including 19,900 people in India as of June 2009 with the acquisition of Kanbay, as well as offshore centers in Morocco and Argentina - and nearshore resources in countries including Poland and Spain.

Campus Candidates :

It's not college, but it can be equally challenging, exciting and fun. You could join a group of young professionals as bright and dynamic as you are. You could work with top-tier organizations around the globe and grow within a friendly, supportive environment.

A great start for your career.

At Capgemini India, we offer you the opportunity to work across diverse sectors in three main areas: technology, outsourcing and financial services. We recruit graduates like yourself for a wide variety of positions, giving you the chance to get inspired and explore.

In our Technology Services division you'll design, develop and implement technical projects of all sizes and for various clients. Your work will include the creation of project architectures, application development, consulting in IT technologies and innovative solutions like SOA, Open Source and Web 2.0.

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