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Motorola has a long history of innovation. For more than 80 years we at Motorola have worked to connect people to each other and the world around them in entirely new ways. When automobiles were becoming a popular mode of transportation, we helped bring entertainment to the ride. We introduced the world's first commercial portable cellular phone. We even invented the groundbreaking Six Sigma quality improvement process, which became a worldwide standard for excellence.

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This includes protecting the environment, supporting the communities where we operate and creating an inclusive, safe and healthy workplace. We invite you to browse this report to learn how we manage our social and environmental impacts and view our performance.

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Software Applications & Services:

Motorola believes more intelligent software applications and services are necessary for not only delivering on its converged media experiences vision, but making this new experience one of the best possible quality.

In recent years, we delivered MOTOBLUR as an end-to-end software service play solving key pain points for consumers: how do they streamline their countless networks and better stay in touch with their family, friends, and colleagues? Currently, we have more than two million subscribers to MOTOBLUR, which was born in our innovation centers. This software has been very important for Motorola and we continue to strive to develop the next wave of software applications and services to connect anyone, anywhere.

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