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The first Satellite dish that restored communications in quake-hit Bhuj.. software that ushered in the SMS revolution in India. The first broadband network commissioned in Mumbai and now, satellite broadband access that will change the way India gets on the Web just a few milestones in a ten-year journey of Hughes in India.

One of the first global telecom majors to invest into India, Hughes entered the Indian market in 1992, soon after the announcement of the first stage of Economic Reforms by the Finance Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in 1991.

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Product & Technologies:

HUGHES invented the VSAT (very small aperture terminal) in 1985 and soon thereafter launched the satellite networks industry with the first system sale to Wal-Mart. Since that time it has continually invested in design and development of innovative satellite networking products and services, consistently maintaining its global market share leadership. To Hughes ships satellite terminals to enterprise, government and consumer/small business customers in over 100 countries. HughesNetâ„¢ encompasses all broadband solutions and services from Hughes, which are marketed directly by Hughes and its authorized resellers and distributors throughout North America, Europe, India and Brazil. In all other regions of the world, Hughes products and services are available from a growing family of value-added resellers and service providers. Hughes broadband satellite networks and terminals are based on the IPoS (IP over Satellite) global standard, approved by the TIA, ETSI, and ITU standards organizations.

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