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Genpact has a unique heritage, which has contributed to our deep understanding of process. We began in 1997 as a business unit within GE, building the Company from the ground up. Our charter was to provide business process services to GE’s businesses, with the goal of enabling outstanding efficiencies. During the eight years that followed, we earned the opportunity to manage a wide range of processes from the simple to complex, operating across GE’s financial-services and manufacturing businesses. In January 2005, we became an independent company bringing our process expertise and unique DNA in Lean Six Sigma to clients outside the GE family.Our new name, Genpact, conveys the business impact we generate for our clients. In August 2007, Genpact was listed on the NYSE under the symbol ‘G’. Since then we have grown rapidly, expanding our range of services and diversifying our client base.


At Genpact, We have built a warm and receptive work environment that evokes deep feelings of pride and belonging and is based on the highest standards of excellence and integrity. We are committed to creating a rewarding career for each of our employees and investing in their personal and professional development. We are proud of the fact that we have successfully balanced our deep focus on process and operational excellence with our passion for people development—it reflects in everything we do.

Genpact is committed to enhancing the skills and competencies as well as personal growth and development of its employees. We provide our people with multiple opportunities to enroll for world-class leadership development programs and also encourage cross-functional movement to gain meaningful experience and exposure. Performance management is a critical area for Genpact and we invest in planning each employee’s career and aligning their goals with larger organizational goals. When every goal an employee is appraised on is linked to a bigger organizational goal, accountability and ownership gets driven on the job every single day.

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IT Infrastructure Services:

Genpact is a global IT Infrastructure services provider that plans, designs and implements organizational IT strategies and manages mission-critical IT Infrastructure for global clients. Genpact leverages its in-depth industry and technical knowledge and helps clients extract maximum value from their IT investments. The company delivers this by providing an IT Infrastructure management platform that is cost effective, reliable and cutting edge.

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Resource Library:

As a learning organization, where knowledge transfer is key to managing business processes, Genpact is pleased to offer a selection of white papers, newsletters, articles and digital media on topics and trends pertinent to our industry. We welcome you to visit often as our knowledge center expands.

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