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More than 50 years ago, two computer analysts in the aerospace industry saw the opportunity for a new kind of business. They would provide computer manufacturers with complex programs known as assemblers, compilers and operating systems that made it easier to use the computers. This would expand the potential markets for the products.

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) Formed

In April 1959, Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones, both in their late 20s, formed Computer Sciences Corporation with $100 and a contract from Honeywell to develop a business-language compiler called FACT. Assembling a small staff of talented people, CSC soon gained a reputation for innovative design and high-quality work.

Through its work for numerous computer manufacturers and other large computer users, CSC developed more systems software than any other computer services company in the industry.

CSC went public in 1963 and was listed the following year on the Pacific and American stock exchanges, becoming the first software company to be listed on a national exchange.

Five years later, the company again brought new stature to the emerging software and services industry when it became the first software company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


Turn belief into action, with dynamic career opportunities at CSC India — the company that invests in you. Find out for yourself why we’ve consistently been rated as one of the best companies to work for in India.

With an unmatched array of career paths and technologies ranging from mainframe and COBOL to cutting-edge Web, networking, ERP and Microsoft technologies, CSC rewards your talent with the opportunities you need to grow your career.

The Result: Freedom to chart your career path, exceptional mobility, and explosive career growth potential.
All in a workplace that brings together the best — the friendly, caring, open culture of a small company and the resources, professional training and career opportunities of a global, Fortune 200 giant.

Career Path..

Campus Events:

CSC India is recuiting on campus for intern and entry-level positions that will be available at at our locations across India. We’re also coming to talk about our many career and learning programs targeted to recent graduates.

Career Planning:

Your career belongs to you. At CSC, we recognize that you are in control of identifying and achieving your career goals. CSC enables you to take the lead through our formal development planning process.

Using feedback gathered about your strengths and interests, you can define your career direction as well as the skills or experiences needed to achieve specific goals. CSC will help you create a plan for enhancing these skills and experiences. We provide information, tools, and people that will support your career planning efforts.

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Learning and Development :

Once you know where you are now and where you want to be, CSC can help you get there.

We support the belief that people learn best through a multifaceted development approach. Your learning plan, for example, may include a blend of online courses, technology certifications, instructor-led classes, and special assignments. Add in other facets of our learning environment, such as coaching and mentoring, and you have a complete formula for professional development.

Our global environment promotes lifelong learning. We invest in both infrastructure and content to ensure that employees all over the world have access to high-quality learning opportunities when and where they need them. In fact, CSC Learning Place and the Portal bring learning right to your computer desktop. Our powerful networks put thousands of courses and virtual learning communities at your fingertips.

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