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(Paper) Latest ECIL Interview Question Paper Pattern on 28 August, 2011

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Electronics Corporation of India Limited

Company Name : Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL)

Type: Fresher

(Paper) Samsung Fresher Interview Paper Pattern: 19th April, 2011

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Job Interview, Question Paper

SAMSUNG Question Paper:

Aptitude test only for 50 minutes and 45 Questions.

I exactly don’t remember the Questions. But I can tell you people the topics.

Some Questions On:

  • For example ACEG : IKMO :: LNPR : ?

  • Some on how many triangles in a figure.

  • which Denote Language, English, Hindi

Some On:

1.Person A does a work in 10 days and person B does the same work in 15 days . then what will be time by which they both can complete the work if they do it together. ( obviously there are 4 options)

2.which sentence best fits to the given sentence.

e.g. He didn’t get the job because he was not a graduate.

a) every graduate has a job.

b) Every employee is a graduate.

c) Etc..

3) Questions from 38-42 have flaws. Please don’t waste time in those.

(Paper) ONGC Fresher Interview Placement Paper: 26th September, 2010

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Job Interview, Question Paper

ONGC 2010 Questions (Based on Memory) (After : Options are given based on memory )

1. Modulation index increased from 0 to 1 Transmitted power now ?

2. De-emphasis is used because....?

3. In FM, maximum deviation at what point of modulating signal

4. Voltage gain of emitter follower : <=1 , =1 , >=1 , cannot say

5. CRO uses which method of focusing

6. Slew Rate unit

7. Positive Feedback is same as : degeneration , regeneration

8. Integrator is : LPF , HPF

9. Lowest Efficiency in Power Amplifier : A , B , AB , C

10. When PLL is used as frequency multiplier, O/P is taken from

11. Ideal OP Amp – Input Impedance = ? Output Impedance = ? , Voltage Gain = ?

12. IC 555 uses how many Flip Flop combination

13. PF of inductive circuit : 0 , 1

14. Unit of magnetic flux

15. 2 heater 1000W, 250V connected in series in 250V , 50Hz ac mains. Power drawn =?

(Paper) Persistent Fresher Interview Paper Pattern: 18th August, 2010

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Persistent Systems and Solutions Ltd.

Job Interview, Question Paper

Total There Are 4 Rounds

  • Written Test

  • Technical-1

  • Technical-2

  • HR

Written Test :

Total Written Test Consists Of 60 Question ,Each Question Carries One Mark And No Negative Marking.

60 Question From Different Areas Like C Aptitude, Networks, Sql  And  Numerical Aptitude.

After That They Have Conducted One More Test In Which We Have To Write A Programme And

(Paper) Accenture Fresher Interview Paper Pattern: 08th March, 2008

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Job Interview, Question Paper

Accenture Conducted A Campus Drive In Our College I. S. Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Technology On 8th March 2008 (Exclusively For Our College).

Well 244 Students Sat For The Examination Process, It Was One Of The Smoothest Selection Processes Conducted By Meritrac.

It Consisted Of 4 Rounds As Discuss Below.

Written Exam :

The Test Consisted Of 55 Question To Be Done In 60 Minutes.

It Had Three Sections I.E. Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, And Mathematical Ability.

All The Questions Were Very Easy. You Just Need To Have Good Speed To Clear The Exam. There Was No negative Marking.

So Attempt All Questions. The Paper Was Very Easy.

After 1 Hour Got Completed, We Were Given A Topic On Which We Had Write An Essay Of Approx 100-150 Words In 10 Minutes.

The Topic Of Essay was “impact Of It On India”. Beware This Essay May Be Evaluated In Your HR Interview. Try To Write It In Good Handwriting.

After 1 Hour Or So Result Was Announced. 122 Students Out Of 244 Got Selected And Immediately After That We Were Divided In Groups And Sent For GD.

Group Discussion :

Well I Must Tell You That I Didn’t Had I Had A Kind Of Extempore Instead. All Of Us Were Given A Topic On Which We Had To Speak For 1 Minutes.

Then After All Have Completed Speaking We Were Told To Contradict Others Or To Give A Conclusion.

Our Topic Was “impact Of Cell Phones-good Or Bad” Other Topics Were “microsoft Taking Over Google” , “products ,Services And Outsourcing Companies”.

7 Students Out Of 13 Got Selected In Our Group.

A Total Of 80 Students Out Of 122 Cleared The GD.

HR Came For Technical Round :

After Waiting For Around 1.5 Hours I Got The Chance To Appear For Interview. In This Round I Was Asked Technical As Well As HR .

(Paper) Indigo Architect Fresher Interview Paper Pattern: 21 August, 2011

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Indigo Architect

Job Interview, Question Paper

Selection Procedure Consists Of 3 Rounds

  • Written Test

  • Technical Interview.

  • HR Interview.

In Written Test Consists Of Logical Reasoning And Technical Test On C/C++ of 1 ½ Hours.

Technical Interview Was Based On Normal C/C++

HR Interview Also Based On Normal HR Questions Based On Your Family Background , Strengths , Weakness Etc

(Paper) Verizon Data Services India Fresher Interview Paper Pattern: 8th April, 2011

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Verizon Data Services

Job Interview, Question Paper

The Aptitude Consists Of 4 Sections.

  • Verbal : 20 Question 15 Minutes

  • Analytical: 25 Question 30 Minutes

  • Mental Ability :20 Question 20 Minutes

  • Technical : 10 Question 15 Minutes

  • Time Duration: 90 Minute

They Will Give Us One Answer Sheet. But After Every Section They Will Collect The Question Paper Back.

No Negative Marking

Written Test Is Similar Exactly To The Previous Papers And The Pattern Was Also Same. Check Out The Previous Papers On Fresher world Only.

They Are More Than Sufficient But The Technical One Requires Strong Command On C And Data structures (Example. Linked Lists)

Technical Interview :

Some Of The Questions I Remembered Generally They Ask Your Favorite Subject But They Don't Ask From Me.

He Asked Me The Following Questions:

  • Q: Sql Query For Group By Clause
  • Q: 1 Question From C++
  • Q: Write Program For Pyramid In Any Language
  • Q: I Puzzle On 3 Buckets 5 ,3, 8 Liters. (8 Litre Bucket Filled With Water Make An Arrangement In Such A Way You Can Fill 4 Litre Water In Bucket Using Above Buckets.)
  • Q: Network Layers.
  • Q: Explain Public Static Void Main (String Agrs[]) In Java

If You Can not Answer All Questions Just Be Confident And Maintain A Smile.

Generally They Have HR Interview But Due To Shortage Of Time They Took Group Discussion

GD Topic Was Hockey/Cricket

Before GD Starts They Will Ask All To Give Introduction For 2-3 Minutes

Finally 127 Were Selected And I Was One Of Them..

All The Best

(Paper) Syntel Inc Fresher Interview Paper Pattern: 19 April, 2011

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Syntel Inc

Job Interview, Question Paper

Hi I Am Priya I Got Selected Syntel Inc. I Am Providing The Full Selection Procedure Details.

(Paper) Caterpillar Fresher Interview Paper Pattern

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Job Interview, Question Paper

45 Questions 1 Hours Theory And Problems More Theory.

  • First Section : Strength Of Materials And Machine Design Focus On Gears And Beams

  • Second Section : Fluid Mechanics And Hydraulics Focus On Pumps And Turbines.

  • Third Section : IC Engines

  • Fourth Section: Manufacturing More Questions On Jigs And Fixtures

Aptitude: 50 Questions 30 Minutes

  • Height And Distances Including Inclinations More Focus On Inclinations

  • Logical Reasoning

  • Synonyms

  • Grammar

(Paper) Sybrant Fresher Interview Paper Pattern: 21th August, 2011

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Job Interview, Question Paper

I Attended The Interview On August 2011.

The Question Paper Pattern Was Too Easy .

There Are Totally 4 Rounds.

(Paper) Mindtree Fresher Interview Placement Paper: 17th August, 2011

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Job Interview, Question Paper

He Test Duration Was Of 30 Minutes And 20 Questions Were There.

Around 15 Questions Were From The Book

Quantitative Aptitude For CAT By Arun Sharma

The Question Which I Remember Are As Under.

1. The Speed Of Three Car Are In Ratio 2:3:4 Then Ratio Between The Time Taken By These Car To Travel The Same Distance Is.

Ans. 6:4:3

2. If 30 Oxcen Can Plough 1/7th Of A Field In 2 Days then How Many Days 18 Oxcen Will Take To Do The Remaining.?

Ans. 20 Days

3. A Cask Contain A Mixture Of 49 Ltrs Of Wine And Water In Ratio 5:2. How Much Water Should Be Added To Make Wine Water To 7:4?

Ans: 6

4.Which Of The Following Never Comes At The End Of Perfect Square Of A Number.

(A) 1 (B) 000 (C) 2 (D) 6

5. A Tank Can Be Fill In 6 Hrs But Due Ti Linkage It Take 4 Hrs More.If The Whole Tank Is Full Then The In What Time It Will Become Empty?

6. 5 Boys And 3 Girls R Sitting In A Row Of 8 Seats. Find No. Of Ways So That Not All Girls Sit Side By Side?

Ans. 2400

7. Tow Fair Coins R Tossed. Fins The Probability Of Getting 1 Head And 1 Tail?

Ans: 1/2

8. Find Sum Of All Odd Number Between 100 And 200.

9. What Is 15th Term Of Series 20,15,10.....?

10. A Man Sell A Plot At 6% Profit. If He Had Sold It At 10% Profit He Would Received Rs. 200 More. What Is Selling Price Of Plot.?

(Paper) NTPC Interview Question Paper Pattern on 28 June, 2000

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Company Name: NTPC

Type : Fresher

Three Rounds Happened

  • Aptitude
  • Technical
  • Personal Interview.

(Paper) Adobe Fresher Interview Placement Paper: 2011

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Job Interview, Question Paper

This is my Adobe interview experience for freshers :

Written Test:

  • Engineering :  45 Minutes - Data Structures, Algorithms, Operating Systems
  • C/C++ :       45 Minutes - C/C++ Fundamentals & Coding
  • Aptitude:   45 Minutes – Quantitative & Analytical

On clearing the Test, 3 Technical Interviews + HR discussion on the same day.

Interview 1:

1) Insert an element in a linked list at the end , given the start pointer.

2) Write a function to Swap pointers .

(Paper) IBPS Bank PO Exam Paper Pattern: 2011

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Bank PO

Job Interview, Question Paper

Objective Test:

In This Section There Will Be Total 250 Questions and 225 marks to be decipher in the 150 minutes of Time.

(Paper) Latest WNS Interview Question Paper Pattern on 17 August, 2011

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Company Name: WNS

Type: Fresher

Job Interview, Question Paper Write Up.

Only Three Round as Given

(Paper) Latest Escorts Interview Question Paper Pattern on 24 April, 2011

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Company Name: Escorts

Type: Fresher

Job Interview, Question Paper

There is Written Question Paper that is Very Tough.

(Paper) SureSoft Latest Fresher Interview Placement Paper: 2011

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Job Interview, Question Paper

Hi Friends:

I Am EIE Graduate, I Had Attended Suresoft Recruitment Drive In Our College

The Recruitment Drive Consist Of Two Rounds

1) Technical Aptitude In C

2) Technical HR

1) Technical Aptitude

Section 1:

This Section Consist Of  The Objective Type Questions From C Pointers (Most), Data Structures, Loops, Memory Allocation

Section 2:

We Were Asked Write The C Program On String Compare Using Functions

Nearly 52 Students Selected Out Of 124

(Paper) CTA Solutions Latest Fresher Interview Paper Pattern

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Technical Stuff: 

CTA Solutions

Job Interview, Question Paper

In Technical Paper Question Are Asked From:

(Paper) Samsung India Latest Fresher Interview Paper Pattern: 2011

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Samsung India

Job Interview, Question Paper

In The Placement Procedure Of Samsung India Software Operations (SISO), There Were Four Rounds :-

1. Global Samsung Aptitude Test

(Paper) Solver Minds Latest Fresher Interview Paper Pattern: 2011

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Technical Stuff: 

Solver Minds

Job Interview, Question Paper

I Attend Interview For Testing Fresher. In That Company They Giver Importance To The Students Who Done The Course. There Are Three Rounds. That Is,


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